Sunday, October 16, 2011

A question for divine.

She is the one with smile so benign,
Beauty of the world in her she confines,
I have one question for the divine,
Even though I am forever her’s,
Why won’t she ever be mine?

The only thing I do is retrospection,
May be there is some hidden lesson,
The reason for such an obsession,
I am ready to do anything for her but,
Why can’t I have her affection?

I have been caught in a mental strife,
It hurts me like a double-edged knife,
In my world pain is rife,
I still smile standing besides her asking,
Why can’t she be beside me in my life?


SuKupedia :) :) said...

missed ur posts :)...a nicely penned emotion Skywalker :) :)
Sometimes it is good to just let things alone and take its own turn..

Abhi said...

Very nice

Saru Singhal said...

I read it while surfing Indiblogger. And, now I read it the second time. It's a beautiful poem...:)

Sukriti said...

Beautiful poem...very nicely expressed the thought :)

swati said...

nice!!! emotions so aptly portrayed!!

Vivacious said...

hmmm very nicely drafted Poem as always... but hai kiske liye ye bhi to pta chale????

Skywalker said...

@Sunita: yeah doi that only :)
@Abhi: thanks :)
@Saru: thanks a lot :)
@Sukriti: thanks for your comment dear
@Swati: thank you :)
@Vivacious: Thankooo :) kisi special someone k liye hai jiska special someone can't be me :)