Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For my best buddy

This one is poem by Trudy Starling dedicated
by me to my best buddy who is surely going to read this.

When you feel sad and betrayed
Who can you count on every single day?
When you feel lost and alone
Who will be there for you in every way?

When you've made mistakes and bad decisions
Who can you count on to tell you you're wrong?
When you feel you can't go on
Who will be there with a feel-better song?

Look into your heart and you will find
That person you can trust is not far away.
Look deep into yourself, don't give up,
For if you do, it's yourself you'll betray.

When you're looking for answers
To all your questions and dreams,
There is one person you can count on,
It's impossible, I know, it seems.

But take a few moments to look deeper inside.
Look into your heart and there you will see.
You'll be surprised when you find out
That you've been looking at ME.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Why is it so?

For some reason I am not in that much mood today. I don’t want to smile, why is it that whenever I feel my life is ok, it starts to go haywire. There’s a famous quote.

When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” [Source: Alchemist]

I've learned that it is so unbelievably hard to make a decision based on the future when it will hurt you in the present… The pain of the making the wrong decision may hurt more in the future than it does in the present… I had my share of good laughs and fun times with friends. I always had this sense that I was different, and somehow almost able to control my surroundings with my thoughts. I am only 22 years old, I have almost everything I ever wanted, and still I feel it’s the other way around.

Universe never helps.”

Why must all good things come to end? Why can’t be there a happily ever after? Why is it that this world doesn’t understand simple things and works in a complex manner?

And that’s the way cookie crumbles…..

Long time ago there was a guy named Mukul…that’s how it was supposed to start…after 5 months i got one but alas!!!! thanks to my STML[short term memory loss] I forgot…I forgot the idea that would have revived my blog…in fact revive is too less a word to describe it…if written properly it would have left many flabbergasted…that blog entry could have been termed as “literary masterpiece” but I forgot what was the story….may be it was not in my destiny….or I would say may be it is in that part of my brain which contains all these gr8 ideas…may be some day I will find a way to access those ideas and I would be “DA VINCI” of 21st century….there are so many ideas in my brain which are trying to come out….and due to there large nos they are not able to exit properly and when they come out they get intermingled…and I don’t want to waste my precious time trying to separate them out :D…