Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who am I?

Am I a good person or someone who is lucky to have good people around?

Am I living my life or just passing it without knowing how to live it?

Am I happy or someone who is adjusting with things around to be happy?

Am I alive or someone who is dead?

Am I an engineer or someone who possesses an engineering degree?

There are so many questions which come to my mind, always unanswered, always unexplained, I don’t think I’ll unearth the answers to these in near future; sometimes I think a lifetime is too short for all these but at the very next moment I think why I require an answer for all these? Why can’t my mind stop thinking all these vague thoughts and utilize time for something useful? Why do I go into these bouts of introspection so frequently? I don’t know why I am posting this…....

P.S: a very Happy birthday to sachin tendulkar, may u live forever

Saturday, April 3, 2010

HUG which he never got.

This is an original one written by me.

She was closest to his heart,
she was his life's inseparable part,
she was the one whom he never forgot,
he thought only about her whenever he thought,
he loved her more than anyone else from the start,
everything in their life was as sweet as tart,
Yes, they were deeply in love,
looking at them any one could impart,

Yet one day everything fell apart,
Death took her away,
their destiny, they couldn't outsmart,
taking away with her their broken wishes' cart,
Oh! why so early she has to depart,
her loss left his mind wounded with a dart,
his life is now queasy and blank as a chart,
and in the end he always yearned for a
HUG which he never got.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A tryst with Dreams :)

This is on special demand of one of my fellow blogger and friend.

Dreams..we see them every night but have you ever thought about manipulating your weirdest of weird dreams in such a way so as to enjoy them, watching what you want to watch , always having a feeling that its a dream keep on watching.

I can do this, i no this is strange but strange is after all the best adjective that can be used to describe me. But it was not always like that, i have had my tussle with nightmares, there were dreams which scared me when i was kid and as the years passed away the main plot of the nightmare remained same but still it felt more and more scary, So whats the reason that even though i was watching the same thing again and again which i have watched since my childhood i was getting scared, why couldn't my mind just get programmed to the fact that it is just a dream.

While searching an answer for this question online i came across an e-book with title something like "how to manipulate your dreams"(i don't remember the exact title). The book was step by step bible of how to manipulate one's dreams. The first step stated in the book was to record one's dreams. So i decided to record down my dreams on paper, initially it was very difficult, many a times i could not remember anything about what i saw but gradually the recordings grew from few lines to 3-4 pages, i was able to recollect every thing withing 4 weeks up to the minutest of details. This continued for four months. After four months it was time to analyze the data collected and analysis was totally in sync with what the author of that book had written were:
  • Total length of dreams i saw daily was about 120 to 130 minutes.
  • I saw a nightmare daily but during initial days of my experiment i was not able to recall it after waking up but eventually i was able to recall it daily.
  • Dreams about my wishes, aims and aspirations were always last in the night(at the end of my sleep)
  • At the end of four months i was not scared due to my nightmares.

After the analysis it was time for results of this experiment and they were shocking and as follows:
  • According to author as average time of my dreams was 120 to 130 minutes, it meant that i am fond of hollywood movies instead of bollywood.
  • As dreams about my aims came at the end of my sleep they will surely come true due to the LAW of subah ka sapna coming true ;)
  • And last result was that If someone can write down his dreams on paper for 4 months continuously he could surely write a blog about the fake book and experiment conducted by reading that book to fool his readers during all fools month.