Sunday, November 13, 2011

Be Selfish

Tum logon ki is duniya mein,
Har kadam pe insaan galat,
Main sahi samajh ke jo bhi karoon,
Tum kehte ho galat !
Main galat hoon toh phir kaun sahi,
Marzi se jeene ki bhi main,
Kya tum sabko arzi doon,
Matlab ki tum sab ka mujh pe,

Mujh se bhi zyada haq hai.

Conscience is an aptitude, faculty, intuition or judgment of the intellect that distinguishes right from wrong. I say, to hell with Conscience. It is the most overrated thing in this world. There is nothing right or wrong, everything about good and bad is fed to us over the life time, we should not do this, we should not be like that. Most of the times anything which will lead to your well being only will be tagged by other as wrong, selfish and against the existing norms of the society and if you do something which involves sacrifice from your side, it will be termed as your generousness, a virtue.

According to Charles Darwin only fittest will survive (those who are concerned about their well being only) and not those who are helping out others. Why do we try to live life the way others wants us to live, why to bother about what others will think on you doing a particular things? Only thing one should be concerned about is his/her own well being. Be Selfish and Be Happy!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


"Never make some one a priority in your life when you are still an option in there’s"

I think I don’t follow the above saying. Time and again in my life I have inflicted a great pain to myself by making a person like that priority in my life. I don’t know whom to blame for this. Its not that you meet a person and realize straightaway that you are just an option in their life, it takes time to know whether you are an option or you mean something to them. And it is this time span which causes the entire problem, How can I just change how I interact with someone, how I feel for someone, what someone means to me, just like that. 

Good times rush past and after that it’s just the memories which remain but how much time does it take for memories to fade. Although good there are some memories which one doesn't want to remember forever because they only cause pain. People say with time everything will be fine, but how much time it is going to take?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A question for divine.

She is the one with smile so benign,
Beauty of the world in her she confines,
I have one question for the divine,
Even though I am forever her’s,
Why won’t she ever be mine?

The only thing I do is retrospection,
May be there is some hidden lesson,
The reason for such an obsession,
I am ready to do anything for her but,
Why can’t I have her affection?

I have been caught in a mental strife,
It hurts me like a double-edged knife,
In my world pain is rife,
I still smile standing besides her asking,
Why can’t she be beside me in my life?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kyunki Fighter humesha jeet ta hai!!!

There was a time when I wanted to be freedom fighter; and then there was time when I wanted to be an army officer; and then there was time when I wanted to be an engineer. My dreams kept on changing with time but i never gave up because i used to have a very good hand writing and that good hand writing was attributed to "fighter" series of Rotomac pen, which had a tagline "kyunki fighter humesha jeet ta hai" (I wanted to justify the post title here)  and they did have another tagline too "likhte likhte love ho jaaye" but i didn' like Raveena tandon.

There was one thing which I realized pretty early in my life that I can't be an army officer because i never liked running, the only time I used to run was when some stray dog in the street used to bark at me. So as a 4 year old, I wanted to be the guy who sings inside the stereo we had because I liked the songs he sang. I destroyed three audio cassettes by puling out the magnetic tape so that I can find out who that person is but I was heart broken (almost a jaw broken too by the thrashing I got from my dad :P) as I could find no one there.

I left the aim of being the guy who sings inside the stereo and decided to be the guy who makes bowlers dance to his tunes; I wanted to be a cricketer like Sachin but as luck would have it I realized pretty soon that I couldn’t be a cricketer as I was not good at defending game; Also 1996 was the time of emergence of Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman and not Ravindra Jadeja Yusuf Pathan, 20-20 was not invented/born till then else I could have been a great 20-20 IPL player atleast ;). People always tried to curb my attacking style of play which would have easily given Harbhajan Singh Virender Sehwag a run for his money. Heart broken again I left this dream of mine too so as to move forward.

In between I wanted to be a terrorist freedom fighter, about which I have written detailed account in my other post and simultaneously I wanted to be private detective too inspired by the TV series Byomkesh Bakshi but my habit of cross questioning didn’t go down well with my teachers at school, specially when I used to ask them the reason for asking me a particular question and not my friend. I still remember the case in which I uncovered the conspiracy involving the school’s bell boy and my social studies teacher wherein my SST period was always extended by full 45 seconds although no one showed any interest to my findings but I was really inspired by this quote MK Gandhi at that point of time “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”. I don't know why but my case ended at laugh part only which shattered my dream of being Sherlock Holmes.

Finally I was in last year of my school and I wanted to be a doctor but the thought of studying for at least 10 more years just made me chicken out at last moment (I missed the cut off in entrance too but my failure can easily be attributed to psychological effect of the thought I had) and I joined engineering college and realized that I always wanted to be one, I loved playing with electricity, electric wires (some time live ones too) but soon I realized that engineering is not about electricity and electric wires only, it is about assignments, monthly tests and semester exams, if MBBS was 10 year pain then BE surely was 4 year torture in terms of workload we had.

So now I am an engineer but if you ask me I don’t like to be one because I don’t get the mental peace doing work I do and neither there is any satisfaction and I am saying all this because I think it sounds cool. To be true I feel I am working in best job which a person like me can have and I do get paid handsomely at the end of the month although I would not mind if the monetary benefit is increased because that will only increase my mental peace and satisfaction which really is an important aspect of one’s life.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Random thought.

There comes an instance in one's life when one has to choose between his/her dedication to a relation or his/her own benefit. no matter what others say, no matter if people turn against you for your decision but never choose your own benefit because although it will earn you satisfaction in short run but in longer run you will loose a relation which was build on the basis of trust.

People say that priority of a relation in one's life keep on changing but I feel some relations are there to be kept no matter what your priority is. We can't weigh everything in terms of pros and cons, there are always something's which are way above that.

Are you listening?

What the hell is wrong with my mind? why can't it forget few things, its 5 AM in the morning and I am not able to sleep because my mind is wandering, thinking about the things which only bring pain and sadness. Why can't I learn to accept the truth and move on and why does I crib a lot? If god is there then I want answers from him right now, why did I have to suffer all this? I want to ask him, If you really are someone who listens to prayers why are you not listening to mine? May be people are right in saying "God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him" because he no longer bothers to care for those who call him for help. I have asked for only one thing from you in last so many years and yet you have not bothered to grant me that wish, I'll say you are the reason for me turning into someone who doesn't believe in you.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh! so tender

The quick blinking of your eye,
Like the clutter of wings of a butterfly,
Oh! So tender it is.

Your lips on the verge of smile,
Making me loose my guile,
Oh! So tender it is.

You talking innocently like a kid,
Forgetting line of yours in the mid,
Oh! So tender it is.

Bothering you the loose strands of your hair,
And you getting annoyed due to something so rare,
Oh! So tender it is.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Really a Wonder!!

“Your beauty never ceases to amaze me.”

That is just a small compliment to one of the beautiful creation I have ever seen and it seems to be more beautiful every time we meet. No doubt it is one of the 7 wonders of the world – The Taj Mahal.

I have been to Taj 4 times and every time it seems more beautiful to me than my previous visit. I just love to be there. The sheer size of the structure is what amazes me, even if you have seen it on screen, the moment you see it in person you will realize that it is way bigger than what you have thought. One should visit Agra to see Taj once in their life time. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I don’t drink and for all those who try to force me into drinking I request not to do so. I don’t have any issues with you people drinking but when you try to convince me into that it just makes me angry. How can one enjoy his life more when on the high and not being in his/her senses, so please don’t give explanations which suit you because I wont be convinced with them. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


A collection of some of the best quotes i have read about the thing I just love to have; CHOCOLATES

Chocolate – The best buddy.
 There's nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate.
 Forget love ... I'd rather fall in chocolate!
 Chocolate is a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power. It is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits.

Chocolate – The anti-depressant.
 After eating chocolate you feel godlike, as though you can conquer enemies, lead armies and entice lovers.
 If you are not feeling well, if you have not slept, chocolate will revive you. But you have no chocolate! I think of that again and again! My dear, how will you ever manage?
 Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays.

Chocolate – the perfect food.
 Other things are just food. But chocolate’s chocolate.
 There are four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate truffles.

Chocolate – Mind over matter.
 Strength is the ability to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands - and then eat just one of those pieces.
 There’s more to life than chocolate, but not right now.

Chocolate – The irresistible.
 Chocolate, Here today ... Gone today!
 Researchers have discovered that chocolate produces some of the same reactions in the brain as marijuana. The researchers also discovered other similarities between the two but can't remember what they are.
 The 12-step chocoholics program: Never be more than 12 steps away from chocolate!

And last a quote to change what is being taught in school,
 Never mind about 326 BC Alexander the Great, 1556 Akbar the Great. Such things are not going to affect one’s life ... but 1932 the Mars Bar and 1936 Maltesers and 1937 the Kit Kat - these dates are milestones in history and should be seared into the memory of every child in the country.


Why do we do things which we do? Why do we behave in certain way? Isn’t everything already written in our destiny? Even if you change yourself, does it guarantee that it will change what is in store for you? Isn’t sometime being happy is the only option because being sad will not change anything? There’s a time when you believe in something and there comes a time when your belief is shattered to pieces, what you can do at that moment other than cursing your destiny? Isn’t god the supreme of all who has decided what will happen in your life? Can you fight against him? Why is he taking the test of only few? Why are there people who never face any odds throughout the life and why there are those who are against the odds every other second? WHY?

Monday, September 5, 2011

M...a Stupid Guy

Its 4.40 AM in the morning and as always I am not at all feeling sleepy. My stock of Dairy milk which I bought to use as anti-depressant over the weekend is finished and the depression fit has just began. So as a second best option after chocolates I am here scribbling down a post for my blog.

What does “being serious about life” means? I think I have been hearing this phrase a lot these days. I say I think because the very moment someone start to give me ‘Gyan’ about life I just turn off my listening device because according to me I don’t think I am not serious about life. I may not look serious, I may not utter my serious plans but I am very seriously working to seriously achieve serious targets. This post is seriously turning very serious. Wasn’t this supposed to be the second best thing after dairy milk? Oh god! Why didn’t I buy more of chocolates? So going ahead on a serious note….no just going ahead…Let me write a story about a very stupid boy who thought he is smart.

M was very happy today, he found a razor lying on the table. Now M was a very naughty 5 year old kid, his parents made sure that he never gets access to razors and scissors. Just a month back he has cut open an audio cassette just to check whether the audio cassette was like a “Chirag” which housed "Djinn" to sing the songs or not. So M was kind of on cloud nine when he picked up the razor. He couldn’t believe his luck; he has been vying for a razor since many days. Although M was too young to understand the quote “When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” but I am sure he must have felt something very close to that feeling.  “I need to check razor’s sharpness”, he thought to himself. He was well versed with scientific procedure of experimenting and only then believing. He tried to check the sharpness on pieces of paper first. “Yeah it’s sharp”, he said in an enthusiastic tone. But then he realized he needed to check on something hard as he would soon be using it on such material. So he engraved his name on the arm rest of a sofa. Satisfied with the sharpness of the weapon he possessed he started for his final task. He went to the roof of his house, used a long stick to pull the main electricity lines (power cables from electricity pole to his house) into his hands and with one swift motion tried to cut the wire with the razor. What followed was a sound of a cracker bursting.

That stupid guy M was me and I am very lucky to be alive still. My thumb and index finger were burnt but I was able to hide the injury from my parents. I really don’t know what led me to do this stupid act, what was I thinking but now I laugh on my stupidity and thank god for making me learn the lesson in a bit of soft way. I could have been dead or alive with a serious disability.  

I did tell this story to my Dad but only after 16 years and I still had no answer to question why did I do it? Stupid Me!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

God is there for you.

Thing to remember is that God is there for you,
He favors the one, who is always true,
For him you are among the wonderful few,
He’ll make sure with all his force,
That to your worries you bid an adieu.

Don’t listen to what others have to say,
They have a tendency; every-time saying nay,
Always standing in successful one’s way,
Not known to them is fact,
That for such acts they have to pay.

He is not the one to leave you on edge,
In his kingdom there are no fallacies no hedge,
No one can hide their wrongdoings or the grudge,
So the one who was bad to you here,
Will be punished there, that’s his pledge.

Thing to remember is that God is there for you,
He favors the one, who is always true.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anger Management for me? naaa!!

I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to bow your heads before any one even at the cost of your life - MK Gandhi

I just love to fight, well not the brawls which involve punches being thrown on the face, into your gut but the other kind of fights which involve me getting into a verbal duel with people. I am an ardent supporter of modified version of MK Gandhi's non-violence theory which takes into account the physical violence as the only form of violence and believe in what Sir Jack Sparrow says “Why fight when we can talk ;)”.

It’s not that I am a glutton for verbal duels (although sometimes I do like to remember some of these fights so as to laugh out loud) but I have a very low specific heat as described by one of my friend and thus I tend to heat up very quickly and in the heat of the moment my tongue just becomes more efficient, more vicious in sarcasm and profanity. I try everything to control my anger which involves me biting my tongue, counting in reverse but to other person’s hard luck nothing works and it ends with other person being thrashed to pieces with words and finally leading to their death in my universe :P.

Although it is not at all advantageous to be involved in such fights but I opt for it only when there is no other option left and yes taking up diplomatic talk to avoid such fights is a strict no for me, better to fight and annoy the person than to butter them up and annoy yourself.

I don't believe in physical violence, but I have learned not to bow my head before any one even at the cost of my life and this is where my tongue helps me out - Skywalker

The Motivator

This is for the person whose continuous motivation has helped me in reviving this blog. I stopped writing on my blog due to the feeling that I am not writing anything worthwhile but your continuous support brought the belief required to write and publish my writings. I will take this opportunity to let you know that you are a precious reader I have for my writings and I now know that even if no one reads my post, you surely will and that is a belief which is enough for me to write.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Days don’t pass; you are neither awake nor asleep,
In the darkness of the night; your lonely heart weeps,
You sowed a seed of love’s tree in your mind,
But sadly it bears no fruit, so you can’t reap.

When you start to love some one, it never hurts,
It’s an awesome feeling; a feeling of comfort,
But slowly it starts turning awful,
When you realize that the other person doesn’t reverts.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ever thine, never mine.

Love, for few is something which induces change in chemical composition of their brain, for others it is something which changes the way they spend rest of their life. For me it is the reason I have a blog, it is the reason I have written so many prose’ (although I have written lots of other stuff also), & Love (or should I say one-sided love) is the topic on which I am going to write this post on completion of three years of my blog as this blog is my love child ;).

I don’t have an experience in love but if you take one-sided love/infatuation/crush/any random liking into account, then I can say I am very experienced. Similar to love, one-sided love also has side effects, prominent among those is belief that you are in love when you actually are not. If you think about your situation after you have come out of such love you will surely laugh, but at that moment it’s surely not funny. Also you will notice many of your friends who are not in a relationship are the first ones to advice you on how to woo the other person. I just have one question for them, if you are such an expert why don’t you try and implement the advices for yourself?

There is a quote by Fyodor Dostoevsky “Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid” but after all the experiences I feel it’s better not to show and be silent than to show and be vulnerable. What is more difficult? Not saying something ever or saying something very late? I feel not saying is a much better option because in that way you are not at mercy of other person, you have your emotions to your self and you surely know how to control them.

I’ll end this post with following lines & a favorite song of mine for such love :)

If you don’t believe my emotion,
You don’t deserve the truth,
How could you have my devotion?
When you don’t reciprocate.

Words should be left unsaid,
And I think its best that way,
Keeping truth with me only,
Sharing the lie, instead!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A change

Many people blog anonymously on blogger, no one knows their identity and there are few like me who although post with a fake name don’t possess that secrecy. Sometimes I feel I missed the trick, there are topics on which I want to write but I can’t because it will bring lots and lots of questions from my friends whom I have forced to follow my blog. I know they won’t comment on general posts of mine but in case I am to write something controversial they will be the first ones to comment on it. So I always avoid writing such posts.

But now I have decided to write on such topics, so as to keep this blog alive because I am facing creative crunch & deficiency.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Small Talk!

Skywalker (Dark): I really want to kill few persons.
Skywalker (White): whoa!! That’s something interesting. And may I know who they are?
Skywalker (Dark): You know already whom I am referring to; we both are figments of Skywalker’s mind.
Skywalker (White): Yeah, but it’s not right to kill someone.
Skywalker (Dark): Now you don’t start your do well, be good lecture, it’s because of you I am thinking like that. You say yes to everything, always suppressing my opinion.
Skywalker (White): Do I have an option other than saying yes.
Skywalker (Dark): Yes you do, you should listen to my point of view before doing anything.
Skywalker (White): Skywalker never likes your views.
Skywalker (Dark): Yes that’s because you have brainwashed him since long, now its time for me to control him.
Skywalker (White): I won’t allow that.
Skywalker (Dark): You won’t but frustrations will lead him to me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Well since friendship day is around the corner, this is for two of my buddies.

“Hi Guys, 
Yes this is for you two,
Seriously dudes what’s wrong, you were the ones who at some point of time said that I am always online, always ever present, but now I find both of you always online (always online here means online when I am online) on Gmail/Facebook and moreover it is not at all like the time when I was online 24x7. At least I used to reply to your ping within 2-3 hours at max (in case I was asleep), but you people some time don’t reply for half a day or so. Sometimes I think may be you don’t even remember that you are online, in that case it’s a polite request to you two to please change some settings which may make you look idle after sometime, because for a impatient guy like me it is really frustrating when you don’t reply even though you are not idle, how would I know whether you are actually online or you have dozed off or there is some network issues. Please consider this request of mine on high priority. Happy Friendship day to both of you.”

                                                           Picture Source: Internet
This is the 20th post by me this year and this makes 2011, my most active year in blogging world & I haven’t run out of ideas as of yet.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Road Trip

Its 2 AM in the morning and you are not able to sleep, what to do?

I faced the same situation few days back, me and my roommate were chatting on different topics late in the night and none of us was feeling sleepy at all when he came up with an idea to go to Jaipur on my bike and me without thinking twice said yes to that outlandish idea. Now why this idea was outlandish; it was so because Jaipur is 235+ kilometers from Gurgaon, I had never driven more than 60-70 kilometers in a day, my bike is more than 8 years old and has already done 50000 kilometers and its 2 AM. But human mind has a tendency to go for outlandish ideas and we went ahead and hit the road.

Jaipur-Delhi NH 8

On reaching Jaipur we decided that we will go the place where movie “Rang de Basanti” was shot and thus started our quest. The first  fort was Amer and it is the largest fort I have ever visited. The fortification walls of Amer will surely remind every one "The Great Wall of China". The view from the King's palace was absolutely magnificent. I highly recommend everyone to visit the Amer fort in case they visit Jaipur. 

The Great Wall of Amer

After Amer fort we visited JaiGarh fort, the home of so called world's largest cannon. It is situated at the top of a hill from where you can get the panoramic view of city of Jaipur.

Jaipur City

The next place we visited was Nahargarh fort, we were tired by then and were in no mood to give up on the quest so we started asking every one over there about the "Rang de Basanti" spot, some said it is in Nahargarh fort, some said it isn't there, but finally a guy gave us the exact directions to the place. So after visiting 3 forts and roaming around for 4 hours we were finally able to find the said spot. The place was perfect example of neglect; the water was dirty and was full of plastic garbage. I had decided to click so many pictures of this place in mind but clicked only one and that too from angle from which the garbage is not visible. I don't think any restoration work has been done after the movie was released and road leading up to the spot was totally damaged. 

The RDB Spot

Although I wanted to visit the famous Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal & Jantar Mantar too but decided against that as it would have been difficult for sleep deprived me to do that. But now after traveling close to 500 kilometers in a day, getting a chance to see awesome locations, All I can say that it was one of the best trip on which I have ever gone.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Largest Cannon (तोप)

So during my recent road trip to Jaipur, I visited the famous JaiGarh fort which happens to be home of largest cannon in the world. But, watching a lot of thrillers has taught me not to believe anything without proof or background research. So I decided to do my own independent research on this so as to reach to root of the case and here is the real truth.


The year was 1720 AD; the Research and Development team of Amer was facing a lot of flak from the critics who felt that team is causing a huge loss to state exchequer without any fruitful outcome. The team which was brainchild of King Sawai Jai Singh (the founder of Jaipur) was under immense pressure to deliver the results. Rumors were abuzz that even King was seriously considering shutting them up. So some random guy in the team came up with a bizarre idea of constructing world’s largest cannon. Since the relations of Amer were friendly with all their neighbors, well to be true they were surrounded by Mughal Empire from all sides with whose kings the Amer’s royal princesses were married, the team knew that such a cannon will never be tested in the live conditions and thus their was no chance they will feel the heat of failure. And finally before the critics had their say the cannon was constructed and delivered to the state, much to the joy of king.

But the critics of cannon were always pointing the issues with this and they became vociferous again during the reign of King Sawai Ram Singh II. So sometime between 1835-1880 AD an enquiry commission was setup to look into the wrong doings of R&D team. The report of the enquiry was tabled in front of king, but to avoid embarrassment to his great grandfather (the R&D team was said to be quiet persuasive), king shelved that report and decided to re-launch the project. This time the aim was to make the cannon movable. It was put on wheels and moved to the location with the help of 4 elephants, where it is present now. The cannon however was never used in the war, Owing to good PR skills of the rulers the city was never attacked. It is said that cannon was test fired by Ram Singh but I wasn’t able to find any proof of that, yes the guide present over there did say that it was fired but it is something he has just read in records and also written on the description board present over there. But it is still considered a Rumor that it was fired. Also it is not world's largest cannon but the largest cannon of medieval times. It was all due to great skills of R&D team members which range from persuasion to good marketing, we believe it to be world's largest cannon. 

True Story!!

Following is the description board near the cannon

English Translation
“This is world famous cannon “JAIVAN”. It was constructed during the reign of King Sawai Jai Singh in 1720 at armory situated in JaiGarh fort. Its length is 20 feet, radius is 8 feet 7 ½ inches and weight 50 ton. The radius of the cannon ball used for it is 11 inches and weight 50 kg. It requires 100 kg of explosive to fire it once and it is said to have a range of 22 miles.  An elephant rests on the tip of the barrel and a pair of peacocks is carved in the center. A pair of ducks also decorates the rear of the barrel. Although something which is used in war, it shows immense hard-work and art love of people of JaiGarh. The work of placing it on wheels was done during reign of King Sawai Ram Singh II (1835-1180). A tin shed was also constructed at that time too. The height of its wheels is 9 feet and width is 1 feet. There is a rolling pin present along with back wheels so as to turn this around in different directions. This cannon was fired only once after its construction. Due to high fortification of the place, no army was ever able to breach the fortification so as to reach up to cannon and thus it was never required to be used. This amazing artifact is a great gift from our ancestors”

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Engineer!! I am

What did I want to be one when I was young? Well answer to that question is that I wanted to be an engineer but by the time I reached High school the thought of me becoming an engineer was as much far away from mind as much is the thought of me going bald over next few years rite now. Still I became an engineer, shows god’s short far sightedness for me; always making those things happen in my life from which my mind is far far away.

So what exactly happened? Although I would like to ponder over this question in my free time, Wait a sec, I am writing a blog post so this is a free time. So after thinking hard over this question for 5 minutes which involved side by side chatting with a friend on gmail and eating munching down a pack of Oreo, I have short-listed the possible reasons why I chose engineering:

  • I couldn’t score enough to get an admission in Medical School.
  • I didn’t have enough to get a full payment seat in Medical School.
  • Thought of studying one more year for Medical School entrance exam scared the hell out of me.
  • Engineering was still considered 2nd best option after medical studies.
  • My parents said that I have an aptitude for engineering citing examples of me disassembling any dysfunctional working electronic instrument and making it repairable beyond any one’s capacity.
  • All engineers in my family brainwashed me into believing that it’s a safe career and there won’t be any tension related to job in future.
  • It was after all my first choice, like your first love you can’t deny it ;).
  • And lastly most importantly no one told me about low female to male ratio in engineering colleges.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Comment Deficiency

                                                                 Picture Source: Internet

Yes anger is only one letter short of danger and with this post I may be inviting wrath of my readers but I can't control this anger anymore. Why don’t people comment after reading a blog entry? If you read something there can be two things either you like or you don’t like it. In both the cases you visited the blog link and read it, you used up precious time of your net surfing on it. Why don’t let the person who wasted your time know in case you didn’t like the entry and if you feel that entry was good than your comment will be the only motivation that you can give to the individual.

It’s been almost three years since I started blogging but one thing that has always stopped me from being a regular blogger is lack of comments from my readers. Initially I thought no one visited my blog but after using the IP tracking widget and hits counter I confirmed that people do visit this blog but sadly the number of visitors is not at all near to the number of comments I get on any of my posts.

On further scrutiny it’s clear that the issue is not with my blog only, there are many blogs which are suffering the same fate, although the substance in the write ups over there is awesome and much better than what I write. I am annoyed, there is a blog (I will not specify) the author usually writes 4 or 5 lines in a post and that too some random quote; not even an original and the post is flooded with comments. The owner of that blog is a girl if that isn’t gender bias then seriously what is that? 

P.S: No comments invited for this.

Friday, July 22, 2011


There comes a time when you don’t know what should be your next step forward, when you are not sure whether what you are doing is right or not, when no one supports you, when you feel that no one listens to your prayers, when you stop believing in yourself, when you stop believing in almighty. Well!! This post is an attempt to overcome such a time.

FACTS: There are people who can’t say NO to anyone due to one of the following reasons:
  • They don’t want to hurt other person.
  • They don’t want to let other person know that they are not capable of doing that particular task.
  • They have a bad habit of saying YES to everything whether right or wrong for them.
  • They are handicapped and can’t speak (suffering from muteness).
  • And finally there are some who don’t say NO ever and always stick to whatever they say.

GIVEN THAT: Till now the only person who fulfilled the 5th reason was Jesus Christ.

OBSERVATIONS: You will easily find a person who is:
  • Always preoccupied with work which least concerns them i.e doing some else’ work.
  • Always trying to do something at which they are not good at so as to prove that they do know how to do that.
  • Doing something which at the end will only cause harm to them.
  • Unable to say NO, even if you ask him that is he worried about situation he is in.

INFERENCES: All the above are people who due to reasons only known to them are doing the things which they actually don’t want to are just adding up the count for the people who can’t say NO. And it seems I also fall in this category and reason for me being like this is an amalgamation of first three points in facts.

DISADVANTAGES: It is never good to say yes to everything because:
  • You end up with other person’s priorities as your priority.
  • You will end giving preference to people who don’t deserve that.
  • It only leads to frustration and stress.
  • One ends up losing focus on what is good for him because of all these distractions.

THE DECISION: I will try to say ‘NO’ from now on. I hope I am able to achieve this.

AFTER THOUGHT: In a hope that some people visiting my blog are also in this category I request them to please comment on it :P.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hope is always awake.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you ponder upon things that have happened to you & you realize that instead of achieving a lot your life has become a journey full of near misses. At that very moment the only thing you have is hope, Don't lose it. 

Picture Source : Internet

No matter how much you are agile,
Some dreams are always fragile,
As they are broken one after another,
Your life sums up as a failure aisle.

You will achieve them, that you hope,
But life is a walk on tight rope,
The moment you feel everything is fine,
It wobbles taking you down the slope.

You can only try to forget and move on,
Thinking that there will be a new dawn,
But back in your mind you know,
Towards you all bad omens are drawn.

You don’t have any other option to take,
Hoping the one you opt now is piece of cake,
You nurture and cherish a new dream,
As hope is something which in you is always awake.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I have met an angel,
And I promise its not a lie,
Are the words that can be used to describe,
She is really sweet,
And has a lovely smile,
Innocent like a kid,
Always full of joy,
Oh so tender she is,
Having tinkel in her eye,
I have met an angel,
And I promise its not a lie.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A fit of depression

“hazaaron khwahishen aisi ke har khwahish pe dum nikle
bahot nikle mere armaan, lekin phir bhi kam nikle”
(Thousands of desires, each worth dying for...many of them I have realized...yet I yearn for more)

Its not that I am not getting anything, but thing is that I am getting what I don’t want and not getting what I want leading to yearning for the things I want and frustrated with the things I have. Yeah!! My mind is confused like the previous line. It’s simple to say not to be frustrated with what you can’t change but difficult to execute. No one can be in situation in which I am and no one other than me is the reason for all this, but now I can’t do anything and its not in my hand anymore but I really don’t know In whose hands is all this?

I have been listening to this ghazal of Mirza Ghalib sung by Jagjit Singh for 3 hours and it’s getting on my nerves now. Another line which sounds familiar, although this links to something else and not related to the frustration.

“mohabbat mein nahin hai farq jeenay aur marnay ka
usi ko dekh kar jeetay hain, jis kaafir pe dam nikle”
(When in love, there is little difference between life and death…we live by looking at the one for whom we are willing to die)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tag - Revisited

Trying a tag after a long time on recommendation of fellow blogger. I needed to write three things which describe me best for each category. I thought it wouldn't be easy and I was right it was very tough and took me almost 4 hours to complete. No worries though because time is something which I have in plenty :P.

So here is it:

I am
ü       Talkative.
ü       Impatient.
ü       Witty.

I want
ü       My personal library containing all the books I want to read as well those which I don’t want to.
ü       To earn enough money so that I can stop working.
ü       To go to Germany.

I have
ü       A large collection of Tazzos, Rs 5 Coins and Cricketer cards.
ü       Low specific heat so I become angry too quick as well as calm down very quickly too.
ü       A very strong memory.

I wish
ü       I can be as successful as my Dad.
ü       I can go on a world tour within few years.
ü       Sachin never retires and keeps on scoring all those runs.

I hate
ü       Waiting.
ü       Liars, but that doesn’t mean I don’t lie ;).
ü       When someone takes my anger for granted, that only makes me more angry.

I fear
ü       My death.
ü       Losing the ones who care for me.
ü       Voldemort but so does everyone but his end is near, I think 15th July.

I hear
ü       All kinds of music with no particular favorites.
ü       The voice of person while I am reading the mail from them like the way it happens in movies.
ü       One song over and over again.

I search
ü       Movies on IMDB that I can watch.
ü       For a master plan that will help me in fulfilling my wishes.
ü       Funny blog posts.

I wonder
ü       How easily people talk to the person they don’t like at all.
ü       Why people always see a relation between boy and girl in only one sense?
ü       Why am I not able to eat properly in company of unknown people.

I regret
ü       That I stopped swimming after doing that for 2 consecutive years.
ü       I can’t tell my dear ones what my wish is, kind of always follow what they say to me.
ü       Joining IT industry (this feeling may change in the days to come :P).

I love
ü       Chocolates.
ü       My family
ü       Making my friends happy.

I always
ü       Burn my tongue whenever I have tea/coffee or any other hot beverage, so to be on safer side I avoid them.
ü       Reach my office early but don’t start to work before the actual start time ;).
ü       Try to watch the movie on the very first weekend it is released.

I ache
ü       When I am misunderstood.
ü       When I don’t get my daily 4 hours nap.
ü  When I see children begging.

I usually
ü       Go to sleep at 3 AM in the morning
ü       Say Yes to everything.
ü       Like to text than to talk on phone.

I am not
ü       The one who can easily mix up with people.
ü       The one who can be kept quiet for long durations.
ü       Good at witty writing, something which I want to be.

I dance
ü       never
ü       never
ü       never…too conscious to dance.

I sing
ü       Sometimes when I am alone.
ü       When I am driving.
ü       When I am listening to songs.

I never
ü       Say no to my dear ones.
ü       Listen to advices once I decide to do something.
ü       Study for exams

I rarely
ü       Forget, and if I say forgot it means I am just lying.
ü       Miss any match in which Sachin is playing.
ü       Am serious.

I cry
ü       When I am frustrated.
ü       In front of very few people.
ü       When my dad is angry is with me.

I am not always
ü       In mood for fun.
ü       Interested in what other person is talking although I may look like that.
ü       Online, but all my friends think I always am.

I lose
ü       My cool pretty quickly.
ü       My handkerchiefs all the time.
ü       My weight very easily, only to gain it again.

I’m confused
ü       About my career.
ü       About the fact that why am I writing this post.
ü       About what should I write here.

I should
ü       Try to sleep early.
ü       Learn German language soon.
ü       Join a gym to exercise regularly.

I dream
ü       Of getting all my wishes fulfilled soon.
ü       Of not going to work at all.
ü       Of settling in some foreign country.