Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ever thine, never mine.

Love, for few is something which induces change in chemical composition of their brain, for others it is something which changes the way they spend rest of their life. For me it is the reason I have a blog, it is the reason I have written so many prose’ (although I have written lots of other stuff also), & Love (or should I say one-sided love) is the topic on which I am going to write this post on completion of three years of my blog as this blog is my love child ;).

I don’t have an experience in love but if you take one-sided love/infatuation/crush/any random liking into account, then I can say I am very experienced. Similar to love, one-sided love also has side effects, prominent among those is belief that you are in love when you actually are not. If you think about your situation after you have come out of such love you will surely laugh, but at that moment it’s surely not funny. Also you will notice many of your friends who are not in a relationship are the first ones to advice you on how to woo the other person. I just have one question for them, if you are such an expert why don’t you try and implement the advices for yourself?

There is a quote by Fyodor Dostoevsky “Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid” but after all the experiences I feel it’s better not to show and be silent than to show and be vulnerable. What is more difficult? Not saying something ever or saying something very late? I feel not saying is a much better option because in that way you are not at mercy of other person, you have your emotions to your self and you surely know how to control them.

I’ll end this post with following lines & a favorite song of mine for such love :)

If you don’t believe my emotion,
You don’t deserve the truth,
How could you have my devotion?
When you don’t reciprocate.

Words should be left unsaid,
And I think its best that way,
Keeping truth with me only,
Sharing the lie, instead!


KP said...

you have said it very nicely.. in words.. and in verse.. liked it.. :)

SuKupedia :) :) said...

Hey Congrats on the 3rd blogging ann :). A nice flow of emotion and nicely written. About unspoken love, I am not sure but I think one should say it, atleast you know it is out there. Anyways licking the bone will happen, so why not say it and then do it.

pri said...

hmmm...emotions bade stupid hote hai na? logic hi nahi samajhte :)

Love in the times of 'samsung galaxy tab'

Saru Singhal said...

First A Big Congratulations...This post is worded so beautifully...Last few lines are great and good choice of song...:)

Vivacious said...

nice combination of Poem nd Song.. very nicely expressed in words...

Skywalker said...

@KP: thanks

@Sunita: Thanku soo much..but i didn't get what you meant by "lickng the bone" :o ?

@pri: yeah true...welcome to my blog

@Saru: thanks for appreciating :)

@Viviacious: :) :) m glad u liked.

Varuna Raina said...

nice read...