Monday, February 21, 2011

Point of view

I just presented my point of view,
And I regret the attention it drew
Although it was a personal opinion,
But not which could be one in a million,

Competition was really cut-throat,
And I was made the perfect scapegoat,
It felt as if I have been convicted in a trial,
Perhaps my point was too versatile,

Why me? I thought in my mind,
May be some mistakes for which I’m being fined,
As I left them with no other choice,
Couldn’t back out or raise my voice,

Everyone tried to reach out for me,
Even God couldn’t help me to flea,
I was made responsible for everything,
Like they were my subjects and I was their king,

Oh I should have started by writing this,
I was asked to organize a party which i wanted to miss,
I just presented my point of view,
And I regret the attention it drew.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My time to Bat

“Sun was soaring high in the sky, It was a pretty sunny day compared to February standards and I was fielding near the boundary. And to my utmost bad luck most of the batsmen today were hitting the ball towards me, I was really tired with all the running which I had to do to fetch the ball, it felt as if only I was present in the field. Twelve out of the fifteen overs of the innings were complete and I was eagerly waiting for last three to finish so that I can bat. It is not that I hate fielding; I just enjoy batting more than anything else. Finally 15th over came to an end and I was ready to bat. 

But few things appeared out of place to me:
-    I was playing cricket in my college with college mates even though I haven’t been to college in months.
-    Playground was of dimensions that are comparable to real cricket field, so although the ground was meant to be in college it wasn’t like my college ground where anything hit uppishly on the leg-side means you will be out as ball goes into hostel.
-    I was fielding marvelously to my surprise,
 I was catching, my throws were hitting the stumps as if I was not me but Johnty Rhodes.

-    We were playing with proper cricket equipment,like pads and helmets.

Still nothing could take me away from the proceedings  and I was ready to bat and hit some sixes.  As the bowler was about to deliver the ball my phone started ringing but I wasn’t able to find it. Strangely the bowler just stopped in his run-up, everyone around me became still like a statue, my room-mate was mumbling something like"your phone is ringing" to me, I felt as if I am lying down on the ground and in all this confusion, suddenly I realized that I was dreaming and it was alarm on my phone that is ringing!!! Its 7.30 AM. I tried a lot to go back to sleep and complete my dream but to my utter disappointment I couldn’t. I hate it when this happens in real life so no question why I shouldn’t be pissed when this happened in dreamland, I fielded for 15 overs and when I got the chance to bat, I wasn’t allowed to."

This is how the life is turning out be nowadays; I have to do things which I don’t enjoy doing and seldom get chance to do what I want to.

P.S: I felt tired the whole day, seriously my legs were in pain due to all the running which i had to do.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

Finally I am back to writing again, I feel this is the only thing that lets my frustrations come out and makes me feel better.

At this juncture of my life I am pretty confused, I don’t know what I am going to do in next 3 years, where am I going to be, I am not happy with my job right now and that’s not the worst part. I feel no one is happy with theirs but thing with me is that I don’t know why I am not happy with it. The more time I will spend in this job the more difficult it will be for me to leave it.

Job is also not the only thing I hate, I am fed up with this so called millennium city, I want to work somewhere else, and there is absolutely no chance I can do so if I continue this job of mine. I want a change of profession but I am afraid of taking the risqué.

Shall I import all posts from previous Blog to this one or not, I tried but everything is not importing properly seems some error in the .xml file I am using.

World cup is round the corner and as always I am wishing India wins it with Tendulkar being the man of the tournament.