Saturday, September 5, 2009

My first tag!!!

So I have been tagged by miss jaunty, A NUMBER TAG, I feel it not going to be too difficult, seems an easy one to me, let me give it a try. So here is it:

Zero - My class teacher in 12th use to pronounce this as jeero, I have a record of getting out on zero (or duck as they call it in cricket) max no of times in college and yet I was always the first choice for opening due to my over-aggressive batting, also reminds me of ZERO Bridge on jehlum in Srinagar where I used to go with dad to have an ice cream softy, and no of times I have been in love. No value yet the most powerful number of all.

I love this number, my lucky no, my roll no in college, no. of times I thought I was in love ;), sum of my DOB 17/04/1987, Signifies position where I want to be, and age difference between my sis and me 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 1 day :P, My zodiac sign is no 1 on list of 12.

No of best friends I have, poems I have posted so far ;), traffic tickets (challaan) received so far, mobiles numbers I use rite now, schools where I studied, no of std calls I usually make in a day,time to sleep 2 am.

No of friends I made among my batch mates, a small no considering the fact that batch was of 160, but three of them are worth millions, no of times I scored marks in 40s.

Akshat’s roll no. Not able to associate this no with anyone else, ok one more sum of Akshat’s DOB 21/03/1987 :D, no of people I am going to tag.

people say they want 6 figures or seven figures salary, I will say I want 5 figures saving at least from my pay, it is too difficult to save :(, average no of people who comment on my post without me asking them to do so :(, I have given my self 5 years to be what I want to be.

I love to hit sixes, whenever I opened my account it was with a six [6 times out of 10 ;)], no of subjects in one semester during engineering.

loved the movie SE7EN, my bike is in its 7th year, 7 deadly sins, number i like most after the number 1 because it appears in my birth date.

Semesters of engineering - best days of my life, 8 am when I usually wake up, No of capital cities I have visited in India.

It’s been 9 months and 9 days since I have joined TCS, joining date 28/11/2008 so you can check :D, and My total Blog posts till now are 27 again sum comes out to be 9. My wrist watch will complete its 9th year in few months :).

Kgs I want to lose :P, It’s been 10 years since I have been to Srinagar, really miss those days used to spend all my summer vacations over there, commandments of Jesus, have you people seen newly launched 10 Rs coin?

I hope you all enjoyed this number tag, at least I think I have not bored you.And in the end the most important thing I tag Varuna di, Sukriti, Akshat, Sahil and anybody else who wants to take it up is invited to do so.

P.S : I wont be taking any more tags.