Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Friends forever..

We often listen to people say that he/she is my best friend and we will be friends forever. Do you really think that in this mean world it is easy to find someone who will be with you in all your sorrows and happiness. Someone whose advice you will always listen to, someone who will always think best for you, someone who will always be there for you, someone who can make you laugh when you crying, someone who knows you more than yourself. And even if you find such a person what are the chances that you will not lose them?

Believe me if chances of finding such a person is X% then chances of losing him due to a silly act of yours is much greater than X%. Your best buddy is your most precious asset, and it comes with the tag “handle with care”. There are always small things which we should try to keep in mind while handling such a friend. And I am talking like this because I had different best friends in my life till class 10th.Maybe, till then I never knew who is a best friend. But now I think all those friends were not even close to what I feel best friend should be like. Friendship strives on two important pillars trust and truth.

You always bank on him/her to be on your side, you trust on him/her so much some times that when they don’t favor you, you get hurt and in that very moment you may even hurt your best friend with verbal attack. Now is that an act of selfishness? Should you be selfish in friendship? I don’t think that it is selfishness; it is only that sometime you believe in him/her more than you believe in yourself and when that belief/trust is shattered rather unknowingly by the other person or at least you believe that it has been shattered, it leads to sad consequences. One should not lose composure when such a thing happens it’s always better to convey your feelings in a polite way to your best buddy, talk to them, let them know what you feel and they will surely understand your point of view. “Why fight when you can talk.”

Truthfulness is the most important aspect of friendship. Friendship can survive on truth and truth alone if you are hiding something from you mate it means you are not loyal to them. One should not be secretive to his/her buddy but should think of buddy as the secret keeper. After all your secrets will remain so even if you are sharing them with him/her. One should remember the age old saying that happiness increases and sorrow decreases by sharing.

I personally think it’s not easy to find such a person. And I have two such persons in my life. I found them a bit late in my short life but still no regrets because wait was worth. May be due to that wait I know the importance of these two persons in my life. And it was only after I found them that I realized what I was missing in my life till then. I can be me with both of them; they know my weaknesses and always try to help me out whenever I am down and out. And the thing I love is that they know I am really selfish :D as I can’t even think of losing them to anyone else as best buddies ;). So this is for you two and I believe you both will know when you will read this. We will be friends forever, come what may I will always be there for you and will do anything to keep you in good spirits and smiling. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to both of you.

God bless you.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weird fear!!

It been long since I penned down something, so here comes a post which is kind of an intermediate for something interesting. I am writing this one to make sure all my readers (how so ever few they are in number, they are precious to me) keep connected to me through my blog. I hope you people will not be bored by this post of mine.

When you are young you have all kind of weird fears, you are afraid of something which will give you a moment to laugh during the rest of your life. There were many things from which I was afraid of during my childhood, but one particular thing which scared the hell out of me was that of getting my photo clicked in family function or parties or even at the shop for passport pics.

There is a whole collection of pics at my home in which I am not even looking towards the camera and then there are also those pics in which I am acting as if I am sleeping. I would stand in a group and then just close my eyes and leaving my head into the hands of gravity. I still look at those pics and have a great laugh on me being so weird. Then came the time when I could muster enough energy to see towards the camera but without any emotions. Look on my face used to be of a person who has been forced to stand there. If you look at those pics you will think that I am not at all happy to be there. It was not that I was not happy but I wasn’t able to stand that one moment when everyone was looking at me and I had to look towards the camera. There were thoughts running in my “whether I should smile or look away” and in that confusion my pic was clicked every time. Many time in a party I used to hide myself away from my parents eyes so that they could not call me to get myself clicked.

It was like this till few years back when I got my first camera phone and started clicking self portraits. I consciously made an effort to smile every time I clicked my pic, and then with practice I over came this weird shortcoming of not smiling in a photo. No more I feared about getting myself clicked in any functions. Now even in group pics there is an effort put in by me to smile, although sometimes I over do it ;) but I know I will be perfect soon in this if not in anything else.

P.S: Please let me know what this fear/phobia known as?

God bless and keep smiling