Sunday, October 30, 2011


"Never make some one a priority in your life when you are still an option in there’s"

I think I don’t follow the above saying. Time and again in my life I have inflicted a great pain to myself by making a person like that priority in my life. I don’t know whom to blame for this. Its not that you meet a person and realize straightaway that you are just an option in their life, it takes time to know whether you are an option or you mean something to them. And it is this time span which causes the entire problem, How can I just change how I interact with someone, how I feel for someone, what someone means to me, just like that. 

Good times rush past and after that it’s just the memories which remain but how much time does it take for memories to fade. Although good there are some memories which one doesn't want to remember forever because they only cause pain. People say with time everything will be fine, but how much time it is going to take?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A question for divine.

She is the one with smile so benign,
Beauty of the world in her she confines,
I have one question for the divine,
Even though I am forever her’s,
Why won’t she ever be mine?

The only thing I do is retrospection,
May be there is some hidden lesson,
The reason for such an obsession,
I am ready to do anything for her but,
Why can’t I have her affection?

I have been caught in a mental strife,
It hurts me like a double-edged knife,
In my world pain is rife,
I still smile standing besides her asking,
Why can’t she be beside me in my life?