Friday, April 6, 2012

Weird thought, Is it?

If I could travel faster than the speed of light and travel into the past, will I be able to change it or my momentum will make it impossible for me to physically change the past and will keep me invisible to my past instance so that when my past instance arrives back into the time from where in the future I travelled from I would have no more of me there as I had already travelled and my past instance will replace my future instance in the present and carry on with my life. Only problem is that will my previous future instance still be travelling therefore there will be more than one of me in existence.

Yeah that's me thinking!
a lot nowadays

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nya Saal, Nya Maal!!

Well these are my New Year resolutions from which I can revert at any moment during the year:

          No more cribbing about things gone by, subject to my convenience.
-           Looking forward to doing things in a different way, subject to my convenience.
-           Will try to be patient, subject to my convenience.
-           Try to be less angry, subject to my convenience.
          Will post regularly on my blog which again is subject to my convenience.
-           Will surely buy a car for my convenience.

A very happy new year to everyone reading this post and commenting, subject to their convenience.