Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nya Saal, Nya Maal!!

Well these are my New Year resolutions from which I can revert at any moment during the year:

          No more cribbing about things gone by, subject to my convenience.
-           Looking forward to doing things in a different way, subject to my convenience.
-           Will try to be patient, subject to my convenience.
-           Try to be less angry, subject to my convenience.
          Will post regularly on my blog which again is subject to my convenience.
-           Will surely buy a car for my convenience.

A very happy new year to everyone reading this post and commenting, subject to their convenience.


Saru Singhal said...

As per y convenience, I would say it's a convenient resolution...

Which car you are planning to buy?

lovey sahil said...

Best of luck for the car!

For the rest well....... yeah best of luck again.... I know none of them u ll be able to maintain.... as i said.. best of luck.