Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Corrupted laws of tolerance

A post after a long time for Indian Politicians. Following are the Six Corrupted Laws of Tolerance for an Indian Politician.

1st Law of Tolerance: For a politician of India there is a maximum and minimum limit of corruption which defines his livability in politics. Hence no corruption less chance of livability.

2nd Law of Tolerance: Within the range of corruption there is a optimum value of corruption at which the concentration of wealth is maximum for politicians.

3rd Law of Tolerance: On the basis of tolerance to Public Outcry, CBI Cases and Sting Operations politicians are classified into two categories
- High Ranging Tolerance (Very Thick Skinned) e.g Mayawati and Mulayam Singh with lots of CBI Cases
- Narrow Ranging Tolerance (Thick Skinned) e.g Bangaru Laxman, couldn't even survive a sting operation of 1 Lakh Rupees

4th Law of Tolerance: Though  politicians with Wide Range of tolerance are widely present but it the Narrow Range ones who are having maximum concentration of wealth. e.g Sharad Pawar(maximum wealth and no CBI Cases).

5th Law of Tolerance: All politicians have different levels of tolerance for different factors. e.g. Mulayam Singh least tolerant to CBI Cases and Naveen Jindal to Sting Operations.

6th Law of Tolerance: If the supply of any of the factors like Public Outcry or CBI Cases or Sting Operations increases, it reduces the politicians tolerance to other factors. Thus if there are 3 or 4 CBI cases against a politician a simple sting operation or a small public outcry is enough for his fortune going downwards. e.g When lots of cases were opened against A. Raja in 2G scam he had to resign after outcry of opposition only.

7th Law of Tolerance: Irrespective of the range of tolerance (wide or narrow) and/or extent of public outcry/cases (more or less), the public has to infinitely tolerate the infinitely intolerable politicians.