Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anger Management for me? naaa!!

I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it. I can only teach you not to bow your heads before any one even at the cost of your life - MK Gandhi

I just love to fight, well not the brawls which involve punches being thrown on the face, into your gut but the other kind of fights which involve me getting into a verbal duel with people. I am an ardent supporter of modified version of MK Gandhi's non-violence theory which takes into account the physical violence as the only form of violence and believe in what Sir Jack Sparrow says “Why fight when we can talk ;)”.

It’s not that I am a glutton for verbal duels (although sometimes I do like to remember some of these fights so as to laugh out loud) but I have a very low specific heat as described by one of my friend and thus I tend to heat up very quickly and in the heat of the moment my tongue just becomes more efficient, more vicious in sarcasm and profanity. I try everything to control my anger which involves me biting my tongue, counting in reverse but to other person’s hard luck nothing works and it ends with other person being thrashed to pieces with words and finally leading to their death in my universe :P.

Although it is not at all advantageous to be involved in such fights but I opt for it only when there is no other option left and yes taking up diplomatic talk to avoid such fights is a strict no for me, better to fight and annoy the person than to butter them up and annoy yourself.

I don't believe in physical violence, but I have learned not to bow my head before any one even at the cost of my life and this is where my tongue helps me out - Skywalker

The Motivator

This is for the person whose continuous motivation has helped me in reviving this blog. I stopped writing on my blog due to the feeling that I am not writing anything worthwhile but your continuous support brought the belief required to write and publish my writings. I will take this opportunity to let you know that you are a precious reader I have for my writings and I now know that even if no one reads my post, you surely will and that is a belief which is enough for me to write.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Days don’t pass; you are neither awake nor asleep,
In the darkness of the night; your lonely heart weeps,
You sowed a seed of love’s tree in your mind,
But sadly it bears no fruit, so you can’t reap.

When you start to love some one, it never hurts,
It’s an awesome feeling; a feeling of comfort,
But slowly it starts turning awful,
When you realize that the other person doesn’t reverts.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ever thine, never mine.

Love, for few is something which induces change in chemical composition of their brain, for others it is something which changes the way they spend rest of their life. For me it is the reason I have a blog, it is the reason I have written so many prose’ (although I have written lots of other stuff also), & Love (or should I say one-sided love) is the topic on which I am going to write this post on completion of three years of my blog as this blog is my love child ;).

I don’t have an experience in love but if you take one-sided love/infatuation/crush/any random liking into account, then I can say I am very experienced. Similar to love, one-sided love also has side effects, prominent among those is belief that you are in love when you actually are not. If you think about your situation after you have come out of such love you will surely laugh, but at that moment it’s surely not funny. Also you will notice many of your friends who are not in a relationship are the first ones to advice you on how to woo the other person. I just have one question for them, if you are such an expert why don’t you try and implement the advices for yourself?

There is a quote by Fyodor Dostoevsky “Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid” but after all the experiences I feel it’s better not to show and be silent than to show and be vulnerable. What is more difficult? Not saying something ever or saying something very late? I feel not saying is a much better option because in that way you are not at mercy of other person, you have your emotions to your self and you surely know how to control them.

I’ll end this post with following lines & a favorite song of mine for such love :)

If you don’t believe my emotion,
You don’t deserve the truth,
How could you have my devotion?
When you don’t reciprocate.

Words should be left unsaid,
And I think its best that way,
Keeping truth with me only,
Sharing the lie, instead!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A change

Many people blog anonymously on blogger, no one knows their identity and there are few like me who although post with a fake name don’t possess that secrecy. Sometimes I feel I missed the trick, there are topics on which I want to write but I can’t because it will bring lots and lots of questions from my friends whom I have forced to follow my blog. I know they won’t comment on general posts of mine but in case I am to write something controversial they will be the first ones to comment on it. So I always avoid writing such posts.

But now I have decided to write on such topics, so as to keep this blog alive because I am facing creative crunch & deficiency.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Small Talk!

Skywalker (Dark): I really want to kill few persons.
Skywalker (White): whoa!! That’s something interesting. And may I know who they are?
Skywalker (Dark): You know already whom I am referring to; we both are figments of Skywalker’s mind.
Skywalker (White): Yeah, but it’s not right to kill someone.
Skywalker (Dark): Now you don’t start your do well, be good lecture, it’s because of you I am thinking like that. You say yes to everything, always suppressing my opinion.
Skywalker (White): Do I have an option other than saying yes.
Skywalker (Dark): Yes you do, you should listen to my point of view before doing anything.
Skywalker (White): Skywalker never likes your views.
Skywalker (Dark): Yes that’s because you have brainwashed him since long, now its time for me to control him.
Skywalker (White): I won’t allow that.
Skywalker (Dark): You won’t but frustrations will lead him to me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Well since friendship day is around the corner, this is for two of my buddies.

“Hi Guys, 
Yes this is for you two,
Seriously dudes what’s wrong, you were the ones who at some point of time said that I am always online, always ever present, but now I find both of you always online (always online here means online when I am online) on Gmail/Facebook and moreover it is not at all like the time when I was online 24x7. At least I used to reply to your ping within 2-3 hours at max (in case I was asleep), but you people some time don’t reply for half a day or so. Sometimes I think may be you don’t even remember that you are online, in that case it’s a polite request to you two to please change some settings which may make you look idle after sometime, because for a impatient guy like me it is really frustrating when you don’t reply even though you are not idle, how would I know whether you are actually online or you have dozed off or there is some network issues. Please consider this request of mine on high priority. Happy Friendship day to both of you.”

                                                           Picture Source: Internet
This is the 20th post by me this year and this makes 2011, my most active year in blogging world & I haven’t run out of ideas as of yet.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Road Trip

Its 2 AM in the morning and you are not able to sleep, what to do?

I faced the same situation few days back, me and my roommate were chatting on different topics late in the night and none of us was feeling sleepy at all when he came up with an idea to go to Jaipur on my bike and me without thinking twice said yes to that outlandish idea. Now why this idea was outlandish; it was so because Jaipur is 235+ kilometers from Gurgaon, I had never driven more than 60-70 kilometers in a day, my bike is more than 8 years old and has already done 50000 kilometers and its 2 AM. But human mind has a tendency to go for outlandish ideas and we went ahead and hit the road.

Jaipur-Delhi NH 8

On reaching Jaipur we decided that we will go the place where movie “Rang de Basanti” was shot and thus started our quest. The first  fort was Amer and it is the largest fort I have ever visited. The fortification walls of Amer will surely remind every one "The Great Wall of China". The view from the King's palace was absolutely magnificent. I highly recommend everyone to visit the Amer fort in case they visit Jaipur. 

The Great Wall of Amer

After Amer fort we visited JaiGarh fort, the home of so called world's largest cannon. It is situated at the top of a hill from where you can get the panoramic view of city of Jaipur.

Jaipur City

The next place we visited was Nahargarh fort, we were tired by then and were in no mood to give up on the quest so we started asking every one over there about the "Rang de Basanti" spot, some said it is in Nahargarh fort, some said it isn't there, but finally a guy gave us the exact directions to the place. So after visiting 3 forts and roaming around for 4 hours we were finally able to find the said spot. The place was perfect example of neglect; the water was dirty and was full of plastic garbage. I had decided to click so many pictures of this place in mind but clicked only one and that too from angle from which the garbage is not visible. I don't think any restoration work has been done after the movie was released and road leading up to the spot was totally damaged. 

The RDB Spot

Although I wanted to visit the famous Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal & Jantar Mantar too but decided against that as it would have been difficult for sleep deprived me to do that. But now after traveling close to 500 kilometers in a day, getting a chance to see awesome locations, All I can say that it was one of the best trip on which I have ever gone.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Largest Cannon (तोप)

So during my recent road trip to Jaipur, I visited the famous JaiGarh fort which happens to be home of largest cannon in the world. But, watching a lot of thrillers has taught me not to believe anything without proof or background research. So I decided to do my own independent research on this so as to reach to root of the case and here is the real truth.


The year was 1720 AD; the Research and Development team of Amer was facing a lot of flak from the critics who felt that team is causing a huge loss to state exchequer without any fruitful outcome. The team which was brainchild of King Sawai Jai Singh (the founder of Jaipur) was under immense pressure to deliver the results. Rumors were abuzz that even King was seriously considering shutting them up. So some random guy in the team came up with a bizarre idea of constructing world’s largest cannon. Since the relations of Amer were friendly with all their neighbors, well to be true they were surrounded by Mughal Empire from all sides with whose kings the Amer’s royal princesses were married, the team knew that such a cannon will never be tested in the live conditions and thus their was no chance they will feel the heat of failure. And finally before the critics had their say the cannon was constructed and delivered to the state, much to the joy of king.

But the critics of cannon were always pointing the issues with this and they became vociferous again during the reign of King Sawai Ram Singh II. So sometime between 1835-1880 AD an enquiry commission was setup to look into the wrong doings of R&D team. The report of the enquiry was tabled in front of king, but to avoid embarrassment to his great grandfather (the R&D team was said to be quiet persuasive), king shelved that report and decided to re-launch the project. This time the aim was to make the cannon movable. It was put on wheels and moved to the location with the help of 4 elephants, where it is present now. The cannon however was never used in the war, Owing to good PR skills of the rulers the city was never attacked. It is said that cannon was test fired by Ram Singh but I wasn’t able to find any proof of that, yes the guide present over there did say that it was fired but it is something he has just read in records and also written on the description board present over there. But it is still considered a Rumor that it was fired. Also it is not world's largest cannon but the largest cannon of medieval times. It was all due to great skills of R&D team members which range from persuasion to good marketing, we believe it to be world's largest cannon. 

True Story!!

Following is the description board near the cannon

English Translation
“This is world famous cannon “JAIVAN”. It was constructed during the reign of King Sawai Jai Singh in 1720 at armory situated in JaiGarh fort. Its length is 20 feet, radius is 8 feet 7 ½ inches and weight 50 ton. The radius of the cannon ball used for it is 11 inches and weight 50 kg. It requires 100 kg of explosive to fire it once and it is said to have a range of 22 miles.  An elephant rests on the tip of the barrel and a pair of peacocks is carved in the center. A pair of ducks also decorates the rear of the barrel. Although something which is used in war, it shows immense hard-work and art love of people of JaiGarh. The work of placing it on wheels was done during reign of King Sawai Ram Singh II (1835-1180). A tin shed was also constructed at that time too. The height of its wheels is 9 feet and width is 1 feet. There is a rolling pin present along with back wheels so as to turn this around in different directions. This cannon was fired only once after its construction. Due to high fortification of the place, no army was ever able to breach the fortification so as to reach up to cannon and thus it was never required to be used. This amazing artifact is a great gift from our ancestors”