Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A change

Many people blog anonymously on blogger, no one knows their identity and there are few like me who although post with a fake name don’t possess that secrecy. Sometimes I feel I missed the trick, there are topics on which I want to write but I can’t because it will bring lots and lots of questions from my friends whom I have forced to follow my blog. I know they won’t comment on general posts of mine but in case I am to write something controversial they will be the first ones to comment on it. So I always avoid writing such posts.

But now I have decided to write on such topics, so as to keep this blog alive because I am facing creative crunch & deficiency.


Shaan said...

If you are a blogger, you need to speak your mind. Thats why, you are a Blogger...Dont worry about others. And yes, controversial posts gets comment and boos but no need to worry about it bro.

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Thanks :)

Saru Singhal said...

Post on any topic, we are always looking forward to it:)

Abhi said...

U hav every (fundamental)right to express yourself. Watz wrong in writing something controversial. Everyone has his own views and we should respect each others thoughts.[Exception : UPA Govt's thoughts]

On a separate note, y u have kept the option "unlike". Does it mean dislike? :)

SuKupedia :) :) said...

aare bring it on.. I will still follow you :) :)

Kunnu said...

Topics to write are everywhere...Observe :)
Write from your heart...And we will follow it from ours :)


KP said...

Hey that is y we blog.. to write what we want to write.. so carry on Sir!

sowmya said...

this is really a great change :)
keep writing & smiling

Vivacious said...

nice.. finally u hv decided to speak up whatever u feel n not being politically correct everytime..good going... thumbs up...:)

Skywalker said...

@shaan: thanks

@Saru: :)

@Abhi: corrected that

@Sunita: :)

@Kunna & KP: i am facing topic crunch

@Sowmya: thanku

@Vivasious: U know na that my deciosions change with the moment :). I hope i follow what i wrote.