Sunday, August 21, 2011

Small Talk!

Skywalker (Dark): I really want to kill few persons.
Skywalker (White): whoa!! That’s something interesting. And may I know who they are?
Skywalker (Dark): You know already whom I am referring to; we both are figments of Skywalker’s mind.
Skywalker (White): Yeah, but it’s not right to kill someone.
Skywalker (Dark): Now you don’t start your do well, be good lecture, it’s because of you I am thinking like that. You say yes to everything, always suppressing my opinion.
Skywalker (White): Do I have an option other than saying yes.
Skywalker (Dark): Yes you do, you should listen to my point of view before doing anything.
Skywalker (White): Skywalker never likes your views.
Skywalker (Dark): Yes that’s because you have brainwashed him since long, now its time for me to control him.
Skywalker (White): I won’t allow that.
Skywalker (Dark): You won’t but frustrations will lead him to me.


SUB said...

lol...r u frustrated?
Othono ko karke gol… City Baja ke Bol...ALL IZ WELL :)

SuKupedia :) :) said...

heheh.. kisiko mara kya phir finally :P :P :P This is one instance where I would like to be a racist and say I love the WHITES :D :D :D

Skywalker said...

@SuKupedia: first of all, nice name :D...

Haven't killed any one as of now but planning is goin on...I used the word Dark so as to avoid being a racist in my post :P

sowmya said...

:D wow what a introspection !!
white & dark lol nice creativity :)
keep smiling always :)

Vivacious said...

i like the creativity.. :) but dnt be frustrated.. that is what we all won't like.. kp smiling.. :)

Skywalker said...

@sowmya: thanks

@Vivacious: my frustrations are the reason i write :)