Sunday, August 28, 2011


Days don’t pass; you are neither awake nor asleep,
In the darkness of the night; your lonely heart weeps,
You sowed a seed of love’s tree in your mind,
But sadly it bears no fruit, so you can’t reap.

When you start to love some one, it never hurts,
It’s an awesome feeling; a feeling of comfort,
But slowly it starts turning awful,
When you realize that the other person doesn’t reverts.


KP said...

That was more life an outpouring from heart.. and may be that is why it touches the heart..
Nicely written

sowmya said...

good piece of lines from ur heart :)
nice one again!

Kunnu said...

hehe...nice lines....resonates :)


SuKupedia :) :) said...

seehe dil se :) :) very nice..

Sukriti said...

So true..a good one !!