Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Well since friendship day is around the corner, this is for two of my buddies.

“Hi Guys, 
Yes this is for you two,
Seriously dudes what’s wrong, you were the ones who at some point of time said that I am always online, always ever present, but now I find both of you always online (always online here means online when I am online) on Gmail/Facebook and moreover it is not at all like the time when I was online 24x7. At least I used to reply to your ping within 2-3 hours at max (in case I was asleep), but you people some time don’t reply for half a day or so. Sometimes I think may be you don’t even remember that you are online, in that case it’s a polite request to you two to please change some settings which may make you look idle after sometime, because for a impatient guy like me it is really frustrating when you don’t reply even though you are not idle, how would I know whether you are actually online or you have dozed off or there is some network issues. Please consider this request of mine on high priority. Happy Friendship day to both of you.”

                                                           Picture Source: Internet
This is the 20th post by me this year and this makes 2011, my most active year in blogging world & I haven’t run out of ideas as of yet.


Bhavna said...

wow....that was a good reminder to friends saying that don't forget me...sometimes in busy life or in the world of blackberry's and iphone you can be online 24/7 and easily ignore messages that come when u r busy working....but yea we need to atleast keep in touch...good post a very happy friendship day to you too

Skywalker said...

yeah but thats the only complaint i have..they reply back to smses, phone call , all other ways of communication asap, only issue is with the ping on fb/gmail.

lovey sahil said...

bhai i now have a blackberry. u wont have another such complaint from my side. Corrected and archived. :P

Skywalker said...

@lovey: good... :D

Saru Singhal said...

Even I have to say something to my friends who don't answer my calls. Congrats on making '2011'. And good for us(your readers) that you're not running out of ideas.:)

Akshat Vaid said...

@skywalker: Bhai duvidha hai.. internet theek se nahin chalta... and quite often phone pe on reh jata hai online and neend aa jati hai.. hamare karan hui asuvidha ke liye khed hai.. will try and stay off when i am actually off :)
PS: SMS is the best way to stay in touch buddy :)

Akshat Vaid said...

Also, Happy Friendship day to you too :)