Saturday, July 30, 2011

Engineer!! I am

What did I want to be one when I was young? Well answer to that question is that I wanted to be an engineer but by the time I reached High school the thought of me becoming an engineer was as much far away from mind as much is the thought of me going bald over next few years rite now. Still I became an engineer, shows god’s short far sightedness for me; always making those things happen in my life from which my mind is far far away.

So what exactly happened? Although I would like to ponder over this question in my free time, Wait a sec, I am writing a blog post so this is a free time. So after thinking hard over this question for 5 minutes which involved side by side chatting with a friend on gmail and eating munching down a pack of Oreo, I have short-listed the possible reasons why I chose engineering:

  • I couldn’t score enough to get an admission in Medical School.
  • I didn’t have enough to get a full payment seat in Medical School.
  • Thought of studying one more year for Medical School entrance exam scared the hell out of me.
  • Engineering was still considered 2nd best option after medical studies.
  • My parents said that I have an aptitude for engineering citing examples of me disassembling any dysfunctional working electronic instrument and making it repairable beyond any one’s capacity.
  • All engineers in my family brainwashed me into believing that it’s a safe career and there won’t be any tension related to job in future.
  • It was after all my first choice, like your first love you can’t deny it ;).
  • And lastly most importantly no one told me about low female to male ratio in engineering colleges.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Comment Deficiency

                                                                 Picture Source: Internet

Yes anger is only one letter short of danger and with this post I may be inviting wrath of my readers but I can't control this anger anymore. Why don’t people comment after reading a blog entry? If you read something there can be two things either you like or you don’t like it. In both the cases you visited the blog link and read it, you used up precious time of your net surfing on it. Why don’t let the person who wasted your time know in case you didn’t like the entry and if you feel that entry was good than your comment will be the only motivation that you can give to the individual.

It’s been almost three years since I started blogging but one thing that has always stopped me from being a regular blogger is lack of comments from my readers. Initially I thought no one visited my blog but after using the IP tracking widget and hits counter I confirmed that people do visit this blog but sadly the number of visitors is not at all near to the number of comments I get on any of my posts.

On further scrutiny it’s clear that the issue is not with my blog only, there are many blogs which are suffering the same fate, although the substance in the write ups over there is awesome and much better than what I write. I am annoyed, there is a blog (I will not specify) the author usually writes 4 or 5 lines in a post and that too some random quote; not even an original and the post is flooded with comments. The owner of that blog is a girl if that isn’t gender bias then seriously what is that? 

P.S: No comments invited for this.

Friday, July 22, 2011


There comes a time when you don’t know what should be your next step forward, when you are not sure whether what you are doing is right or not, when no one supports you, when you feel that no one listens to your prayers, when you stop believing in yourself, when you stop believing in almighty. Well!! This post is an attempt to overcome such a time.

FACTS: There are people who can’t say NO to anyone due to one of the following reasons:
  • They don’t want to hurt other person.
  • They don’t want to let other person know that they are not capable of doing that particular task.
  • They have a bad habit of saying YES to everything whether right or wrong for them.
  • They are handicapped and can’t speak (suffering from muteness).
  • And finally there are some who don’t say NO ever and always stick to whatever they say.

GIVEN THAT: Till now the only person who fulfilled the 5th reason was Jesus Christ.

OBSERVATIONS: You will easily find a person who is:
  • Always preoccupied with work which least concerns them i.e doing some else’ work.
  • Always trying to do something at which they are not good at so as to prove that they do know how to do that.
  • Doing something which at the end will only cause harm to them.
  • Unable to say NO, even if you ask him that is he worried about situation he is in.

INFERENCES: All the above are people who due to reasons only known to them are doing the things which they actually don’t want to are just adding up the count for the people who can’t say NO. And it seems I also fall in this category and reason for me being like this is an amalgamation of first three points in facts.

DISADVANTAGES: It is never good to say yes to everything because:
  • You end up with other person’s priorities as your priority.
  • You will end giving preference to people who don’t deserve that.
  • It only leads to frustration and stress.
  • One ends up losing focus on what is good for him because of all these distractions.

THE DECISION: I will try to say ‘NO’ from now on. I hope I am able to achieve this.

AFTER THOUGHT: In a hope that some people visiting my blog are also in this category I request them to please comment on it :P.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hope is always awake.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you ponder upon things that have happened to you & you realize that instead of achieving a lot your life has become a journey full of near misses. At that very moment the only thing you have is hope, Don't lose it. 

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No matter how much you are agile,
Some dreams are always fragile,
As they are broken one after another,
Your life sums up as a failure aisle.

You will achieve them, that you hope,
But life is a walk on tight rope,
The moment you feel everything is fine,
It wobbles taking you down the slope.

You can only try to forget and move on,
Thinking that there will be a new dawn,
But back in your mind you know,
Towards you all bad omens are drawn.

You don’t have any other option to take,
Hoping the one you opt now is piece of cake,
You nurture and cherish a new dream,
As hope is something which in you is always awake.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I have met an angel,
And I promise its not a lie,
Are the words that can be used to describe,
She is really sweet,
And has a lovely smile,
Innocent like a kid,
Always full of joy,
Oh so tender she is,
Having tinkel in her eye,
I have met an angel,
And I promise its not a lie.