Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

Finally I am back to writing again, I feel this is the only thing that lets my frustrations come out and makes me feel better.

At this juncture of my life I am pretty confused, I don’t know what I am going to do in next 3 years, where am I going to be, I am not happy with my job right now and that’s not the worst part. I feel no one is happy with theirs but thing with me is that I don’t know why I am not happy with it. The more time I will spend in this job the more difficult it will be for me to leave it.

Job is also not the only thing I hate, I am fed up with this so called millennium city, I want to work somewhere else, and there is absolutely no chance I can do so if I continue this job of mine. I want a change of profession but I am afraid of taking the risqué.

Shall I import all posts from previous Blog to this one or not, I tried but everything is not importing properly seems some error in the .xml file I am using.

World cup is round the corner and as always I am wishing India wins it with Tendulkar being the man of the tournament.


Akshat Vaid said...

Radomness at its best..
Thand rakh kakke, frustration badi kamini cheez hai..
Wait for them, things will work out better..

swati said...

i agree wid d abv persn!! keep cool.. ;)

welcm again in2 d writin spree... i hope u dont go in2 slumber 1ce again..

p.s-evn m waitin 4 d WC!! very xcited... :):)

Abhi said...

There should be some "LIKE" and "DISLIKE" button here also as we smtimes dont feel like commenting blah blah blah...

Skywalker said...

@abhi: yeah I am trying to edit some settings so that i can get options to like or dislike the blog posts at the footnote of the post....

Sairam said...

well,India won the world cup.

Well, you are sachin fan.
Then you should read this post I came across
Hilarious! But dont get riled by the content.