Friday, September 16, 2011

Really a Wonder!!

“Your beauty never ceases to amaze me.”

That is just a small compliment to one of the beautiful creation I have ever seen and it seems to be more beautiful every time we meet. No doubt it is one of the 7 wonders of the world – The Taj Mahal.

I have been to Taj 4 times and every time it seems more beautiful to me than my previous visit. I just love to be there. The sheer size of the structure is what amazes me, even if you have seen it on screen, the moment you see it in person you will realize that it is way bigger than what you have thought. One should visit Agra to see Taj once in their life time. 


Sukriti said...

I agree :)
Taj is a wonderful Creation

Saru Singhal said...

I haven't seen it:( I wish to see it from a very long time!

SuKupedia :) :) said...

yeah make me jealous.. 4 times O_O... havent been once :( :(

sowmya said...

sure will visit there! :)

Vivacious said...

Wah Taj Wah... Its really a wonderful place...

Skywalker said...

@Sukriti: A must see for lovers

@Saru: You should visit it soon, i bet you will fall in love with it

@Sunita: 4 times but alone everytime :|

@Sowmya: yeah

@Vivacious: yeah it is awesome, magnificent :)