Monday, September 5, 2011

M...a Stupid Guy

Its 4.40 AM in the morning and as always I am not at all feeling sleepy. My stock of Dairy milk which I bought to use as anti-depressant over the weekend is finished and the depression fit has just began. So as a second best option after chocolates I am here scribbling down a post for my blog.

What does “being serious about life” means? I think I have been hearing this phrase a lot these days. I say I think because the very moment someone start to give me ‘Gyan’ about life I just turn off my listening device because according to me I don’t think I am not serious about life. I may not look serious, I may not utter my serious plans but I am very seriously working to seriously achieve serious targets. This post is seriously turning very serious. Wasn’t this supposed to be the second best thing after dairy milk? Oh god! Why didn’t I buy more of chocolates? So going ahead on a serious note….no just going ahead…Let me write a story about a very stupid boy who thought he is smart.

M was very happy today, he found a razor lying on the table. Now M was a very naughty 5 year old kid, his parents made sure that he never gets access to razors and scissors. Just a month back he has cut open an audio cassette just to check whether the audio cassette was like a “Chirag” which housed "Djinn" to sing the songs or not. So M was kind of on cloud nine when he picked up the razor. He couldn’t believe his luck; he has been vying for a razor since many days. Although M was too young to understand the quote “When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” but I am sure he must have felt something very close to that feeling.  “I need to check razor’s sharpness”, he thought to himself. He was well versed with scientific procedure of experimenting and only then believing. He tried to check the sharpness on pieces of paper first. “Yeah it’s sharp”, he said in an enthusiastic tone. But then he realized he needed to check on something hard as he would soon be using it on such material. So he engraved his name on the arm rest of a sofa. Satisfied with the sharpness of the weapon he possessed he started for his final task. He went to the roof of his house, used a long stick to pull the main electricity lines (power cables from electricity pole to his house) into his hands and with one swift motion tried to cut the wire with the razor. What followed was a sound of a cracker bursting.

That stupid guy M was me and I am very lucky to be alive still. My thumb and index finger were burnt but I was able to hide the injury from my parents. I really don’t know what led me to do this stupid act, what was I thinking but now I laugh on my stupidity and thank god for making me learn the lesson in a bit of soft way. I could have been dead or alive with a serious disability.  

I did tell this story to my Dad but only after 16 years and I still had no answer to question why did I do it? Stupid Me!!


Kunal said...


this story will become part of a folklore..haha :) gotta just know and believe that it is sharp... ;)


Sukriti said...

Good to c that M is stile alive :P

Vivacious said...

OMG... destructive mind,.... he he... Dnt practice such things now..

Skywalker said...

@Kunal: yeah sure!!! welcome to my blog..

@Sukriti: :P

@Vivacious: Practice!! I was implementing :D

Cherriee Fantasies said...

Ha ha ha...gud one...I was thinking dat M ll b sum1 u like d most... :P