Monday, September 26, 2011

Are you listening?

What the hell is wrong with my mind? why can't it forget few things, its 5 AM in the morning and I am not able to sleep because my mind is wandering, thinking about the things which only bring pain and sadness. Why can't I learn to accept the truth and move on and why does I crib a lot? If god is there then I want answers from him right now, why did I have to suffer all this? I want to ask him, If you really are someone who listens to prayers why are you not listening to mine? May be people are right in saying "God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him" because he no longer bothers to care for those who call him for help. I have asked for only one thing from you in last so many years and yet you have not bothered to grant me that wish, I'll say you are the reason for me turning into someone who doesn't believe in you.


Vivacious said...

Don't loose hope is the moral of the story... !!! and GOD is there and will always be.. one day or the other u will get things ... may be he has something big for u in store... just be calm and believe him... he must be busy preparing some very gud things for u ahead which u might be missing on... !!!

Skywalker said...

@Vivacious: :) :) ... i hope your words turn out to be true.

swati said...

an empty mind is a devil's mind!! but a devil's mind is never empty!! so choose b/w the two!! :P

on a serious note, try givin rest 2 ur brain!! stay connected to optimistic ppl!! n believe in god!! :)
m sure, u'll be at peace!!