Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tag - Revisited

Trying a tag after a long time on recommendation of fellow blogger. I needed to write three things which describe me best for each category. I thought it wouldn't be easy and I was right it was very tough and took me almost 4 hours to complete. No worries though because time is something which I have in plenty :P.

So here is it:

I am
ü       Talkative.
ü       Impatient.
ü       Witty.

I want
ü       My personal library containing all the books I want to read as well those which I don’t want to.
ü       To earn enough money so that I can stop working.
ü       To go to Germany.

I have
ü       A large collection of Tazzos, Rs 5 Coins and Cricketer cards.
ü       Low specific heat so I become angry too quick as well as calm down very quickly too.
ü       A very strong memory.

I wish
ü       I can be as successful as my Dad.
ü       I can go on a world tour within few years.
ü       Sachin never retires and keeps on scoring all those runs.

I hate
ü       Waiting.
ü       Liars, but that doesn’t mean I don’t lie ;).
ü       When someone takes my anger for granted, that only makes me more angry.

I fear
ü       My death.
ü       Losing the ones who care for me.
ü       Voldemort but so does everyone but his end is near, I think 15th July.

I hear
ü       All kinds of music with no particular favorites.
ü       The voice of person while I am reading the mail from them like the way it happens in movies.
ü       One song over and over again.

I search
ü       Movies on IMDB that I can watch.
ü       For a master plan that will help me in fulfilling my wishes.
ü       Funny blog posts.

I wonder
ü       How easily people talk to the person they don’t like at all.
ü       Why people always see a relation between boy and girl in only one sense?
ü       Why am I not able to eat properly in company of unknown people.

I regret
ü       That I stopped swimming after doing that for 2 consecutive years.
ü       I can’t tell my dear ones what my wish is, kind of always follow what they say to me.
ü       Joining IT industry (this feeling may change in the days to come :P).

I love
ü       Chocolates.
ü       My family
ü       Making my friends happy.

I always
ü       Burn my tongue whenever I have tea/coffee or any other hot beverage, so to be on safer side I avoid them.
ü       Reach my office early but don’t start to work before the actual start time ;).
ü       Try to watch the movie on the very first weekend it is released.

I ache
ü       When I am misunderstood.
ü       When I don’t get my daily 4 hours nap.
ü  When I see children begging.

I usually
ü       Go to sleep at 3 AM in the morning
ü       Say Yes to everything.
ü       Like to text than to talk on phone.

I am not
ü       The one who can easily mix up with people.
ü       The one who can be kept quiet for long durations.
ü       Good at witty writing, something which I want to be.

I dance
ü       never
ü       never
ü       never…too conscious to dance.

I sing
ü       Sometimes when I am alone.
ü       When I am driving.
ü       When I am listening to songs.

I never
ü       Say no to my dear ones.
ü       Listen to advices once I decide to do something.
ü       Study for exams

I rarely
ü       Forget, and if I say forgot it means I am just lying.
ü       Miss any match in which Sachin is playing.
ü       Am serious.

I cry
ü       When I am frustrated.
ü       In front of very few people.
ü       When my dad is angry is with me.

I am not always
ü       In mood for fun.
ü       Interested in what other person is talking although I may look like that.
ü       Online, but all my friends think I always am.

I lose
ü       My cool pretty quickly.
ü       My handkerchiefs all the time.
ü       My weight very easily, only to gain it again.

I’m confused
ü       About my career.
ü       About the fact that why am I writing this post.
ü       About what should I write here.

I should
ü       Try to sleep early.
ü       Learn German language soon.
ü       Join a gym to exercise regularly.

I dream
ü       Of getting all my wishes fulfilled soon.
ü       Of not going to work at all.
ü       Of settling in some foreign country.


Richa said...

Nice read. See you know so much about yourself!!

Skywalker said...

yeah!!! :) :)

Shalini Gupta said...

very true that its very difficult to give ur self analysis because tendency is that we are usually biased in giving our strength and weaknesses.Actually after reading this i have really come to know what kind of person you actually are....................