Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Say what you mean.

Hi I am Anishka” she said,
“Hi I am Pranay” he replied.

That was the first communication she had with him. Anishka was thinking about it, it’s been four years since that day but she still remembered the details of that particular day vividly and it always brought a smile on her lips.

Everything started at this place in front of principal’s office.

It took her a full week to talk to Pranay again. Just a casual small talk, although she was very poor at those; she tried to strike a conversation.

“So Pranay, how is it going on?”
“Pretty well so far, would be great if you help me in these pre-requisites the newcomer has to fulfill”
“Oh! Let me help you in that”

And that’s how they became acquaintances. Pranay used to ask for her help in case he faced any problems and she was always there to help him out. Soon they started talking daily and slowly their talks turned friendlier. Never a day went by when they didn’t communicate with each other. It was summer break when Anishka realized that she was really missing Pranay. She tried to contact him but there was no reply from his side, no mails, no messages nothing and that was what led to their first fight as soon as the college opened. They didn’t talk for a month.

Pranay finally called her up after a month, it took one long conversation, few tears and finally they were back to friendly terms. Soon started the regular long talks but they were more personal now at least that’s what Anishka tried to do so as know more about Pranay. Anishka knew she had fallen for him and she let Pranay had no idea about it. She is a good friend, that’s what he used to say and that’s how Anishka wanted their relation to be for that moment. She couldn’t gather enough will to let him know, what she felt for him, how she felt when he talked to some other girl in front of her, when he praised any of her college mate for her beauty, when he was upset. To her their friendship meant a lot and she didn’t want to jeopardize this relation with any complications.

Another year went by, they were now best of buddies but still nothing more than that. Anishka still kept her emotions for him to herself, anyone can tell looking at the way she acted when with Pranay that she was in love with him, but they always laughed off at such comments. Seldom did Pranay know about the emotions Anishka was carrying for him since first year. Sometimes Anishka thought she has committed the mistake of allowing someone to become a priority in her life while she was just an option in his’.

It was the end of third year, Anishka decided it was time she should let Pranay know about everything he meant to her. She called him up and asked him to meet her at the coffee shop near their college in the evening as she wanted to tell him something important about them. The coffee shop was the place where they have spent most of their evenings during last three years. She reached the place as decided and waited there for two hours but Pranay never came. This was the very reason she never wanted to tell him in first place, she wasn’t ready for a NO and she felt that him not coming there is an answer to her. She tried his number but he didn’t pick it up. At around 9 PM her phone rang, it was one of her classmates, she told Anishka that Pranay met with an accident and died due to head injuries. For a moment Anishka was blank, her world was shattered and afterwards she was inconsolable, it took her days to come out of news of shocking death of her best friend.

Later that month Pranay’s hostel roommate told Anishka that Pranay fell in love with her from the very first day but was afraid to tell her about his feelings and on the day he met with an accident he had actually gone to city to buy red roses for her as he decided to propose her on that day after her call. Anishka remembered she had once told Pranay that she would like his lover to propose her with a bunch of red roses in his hand. And now there was nothing she could do about it. She has to live with the bitter sweet memories of their relation only.

And today it was her last day in college; she was standing in front of principal’s office where she met Pranay for the first time. It's been a year since his death, tears rolled down her cheek and she could only hope that some one will come up to her and say “Hi I am Pranay”.

Sometimes it is good not to delay things, for life is too short so take chances - keep your friends - treat others the way you want to be treated, be who you are, say what you mean and mean what you say, laugh way too much, love without holding back, and live with no reserves, no retreats and no regrets.


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its something i cant comment on.. no words 4 it..

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@vivacious: i don't think this deserves so much praise, that makes me ecstatic....thanku soo much... :)

@swatiji: thankoo :)

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very nice.. senti :)

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very sad but touching story.

deepak said...

Very nicely written. I never believe in fiction. however, agree with you one should never keep feelings wid urself & should act what you are...keep writing & sharing:)