Saturday, June 4, 2011


Why do we hope for things for which we are sure that we won't have them. What is the factor which keeps us going, why do we hope that we will be able to defy odds and come out with flying colors in the end.

In motion picture "Harry Potter" there is a sequence in which Harry introspects why is he fighting against the Voldemort and then answers; because it is something worth fighting for, so sometimes we fight because somethings are worth fighting or worth dying for.

Hope is something which keeps one going, rising up each day and continuing the fight. At the same time hope is also something which can make you the greatest fool alive, because in the hope that one day you will achieve what you want you may do things which you wouldn't have done in case you have thought about the situation in a logical way. So hope in a way kills the logical you, Still they say that a person doesn't die when he actually dies; he dies when he looses the hope that he is going to live, once the hope is gone it means he has accepted death before it actually arrives that's like loosing a battle without fighting. Yes there is always a limit to what you can hope, I for myself can say that I hope too much and in order to achieve what I hope, I act pretty less and that leads to lot of depression and sadness, but the joy when what you hoped comes true is the greatest joy you can experience in your life, although i haven't had much of the success with my hopes but that can't stop me from hoping again and again and agian. I will end this with the following lines:

To love is to hope being loved in return, To try is to hope success and To hope is to risk pain but we do hope because the greatest hazard of life is to hope nothing.
aaj bhi hain pakde umeed ki dori, don't loose hope is the moral of the story


Akshat Vaid said...

Well, you don't need to ask for appreciation, for you deserve it all; not just with this post but for all others so far. You really have improved your writing skills tremendously.

Skywalker said...

improved my writing skils.. :o...they were always like these awesome.... :P