Saturday, April 3, 2010

HUG which he never got.

This is an original one written by me.

She was closest to his heart,
she was his life's inseparable part,
she was the one whom he never forgot,
he thought only about her whenever he thought,
he loved her more than anyone else from the start,
everything in their life was as sweet as tart,
Yes, they were deeply in love,
looking at them any one could impart,

Yet one day everything fell apart,
Death took her away,
their destiny, they couldn't outsmart,
taking away with her their broken wishes' cart,
Oh! why so early she has to depart,
her loss left his mind wounded with a dart,
his life is now queasy and blank as a chart,
and in the end he always yearned for a
HUG which he never got.


Sukriti said...

nice pic....and a vry sweet original poem...:)

if u start writing at this pace, it will be good fr our blog...
God bless.

Jaunty anima said...

I've started to envy u for ur writing nw!! I rate it as ur best attempt at poetry!!

N yes it also sends out a msg that we shouldn't wait for a special moment to show love...coz may be that moment may never NOW is the time!!
Keep writing such pieces!!

Abhi said...

I hope this (He n She) in this masterpiece are purely fictitious..
Annway, was it a one sided love??

swati said...

i guess the poem was a personification earlier,wen i read its 4 lines....u ve changed it 2 3rd degree nw!!! :P :P
hmm......nice 1....
bt i wish it contained a li'l more text....dats wat i feel....its lukin incmplete 2 me...
good attempt....n kip writin....

Confused_Soul said...

@abhi: ya they are fictitious,and it wasn't one sided love, i have written "they were deeply in love"

Confused_Soul said...

@swati: i changed it coz the subject was nt related to me in any way..and abt txt missing, m nt gud in writing a prose like u, so i think i need sum coaching frm ur side :D

Sorcerer said...

Hey buddy
A good work bro!
wonderful poem with a wonderful message!

Abhi said...


From second line(looking at them any one could impart), it is not clear whether they were actually in love or not. It seems like ppl think they were in love but actually they weren't. :)

Yes, they were deeply in love,
looking at them any one could impart,

Confused_Soul said...

@abhi : that line means that they they were so deeply in love that just by looking at them anyone could know that and feel their love for each other.

Shalini Gupta said...

poem is nice but is it related to ur own life or just a fiction