Saturday, December 26, 2009

Writer's Block

Yeah….m back with quite a silly post.Its been long since i wrote something over here. Reasons first, i was not busy, its just that didn't feel like writing anything or to be true didn't get anything interesting to write. So finally i am here but this doesn't mean i got a topic to write about, i am still blank and have no idea about what this post is going to contain, after all its important to keep blog up to date otherwise this blog will easily get wiped off the memories of my readers(whom i personally send link of my blog to have a look at it :D).

Few lines into this post and i have lost the tempo don't know where this is going, i am now in a dilemma whether to publish it or just delete it. I think its better to delete it. I haven’t posted anything since 3 months but I have tried a lot. These are my incomplete posts and i don't have any urge to complete these.

Someone special: There is always someone in your life whose advice you will always listen. He/she can be anyone your mom, dad, sister, brother or some friend, but there is always a person who would be there for you whenever you need him/her, who knows you more that yourself, in front of whom you could be yourself.Is it easy to find such a person? For me I would say I found that person a bit late in my short life but still no regrets because wait was worth. May be due to that wait I was able to know the importance of that person in my life. And it was only after I found that person that I realized what I was missing in my life till then.
What can you do for such a person?Well I try to do everything for that person and whenever I fail it really makes me sad. Sometimes I even become angry with myself for not fulfilling that persons wish.

Epitaph: A question some one asked me few days back. ”How would you like to be known as if you were to die at this very moment? What would you like to engrave on your epitaph if one is constructed for you?” It was kind of a shocking question, totally unexpected. I thought why would one like to discuss these things…but after sometime I realized that it was ok… How would one be known is summation of his/her deeds done in his/her life time…
Well I would like to be known as some one who was always ready to help, was jovial, and above all loved his mom.

Missing: Why do we miss someone? In fact what do we miss actually? Is it the person or the things which that person does to you? And what if some one else start doing that to you, can you stop missing him/her?
Human mind is really complex, it yearns more for the things than the person itself. And when it gets those things from some other soul it will stop missing the original one.

Addictions: Its been an hour since I wrote the opening line and nothing is coming to my mind, a lot has changed in last 25 days for me, there is no 24x7 net connection available to me now and I feel I have overcome my net addiction for sure, I no more feel the urge to switch on my laptop after coming back from work. Even on Sunday which according to me is the most difficult of all the days to pass I don’t come online.
Although I haven’t found any alternative activity to pass my time but listening to songs on my mobile is quickly becoming a new addiction :D. I have tried my hand at few others like reading but in vain, I bought Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns for Rs.150 but finished it up in less than 5 hours, so if I am to take up reading novels to pass my time it is going to be pretty heavy on my pocket :P. I have started watching movies every weekend that’s something I missed for at least 6-7 months; don’t know how and when it happened I somehow stopped watching movies in first week of their release.

So now which one of these should i complete @_@?


Jaunty anima said...

Lakh lakh Badhaiyaan!!!
Dun noe kya kiya jaye is post ke swaagat ke liye....
but haan I think 'Epitaph' is the most interesting subject to write on!
Keep writing!!

Happybirdie said...

First of all welcome back!What can I say about this post..It should hv been on my blog..;)My life is also in the same phase as yours and even worse..coz all days are equivalent to sundays.But I do believe that we should hv some or the other aim in our lives each day...So let us both think of some gud topics to write :)
All d best!!!

Confused_Soul said...

@ Jaunty : post k swagat k liye comment hi kaafi hai :P...
will give "Epitaph" a try..waise mushkil hai..i cant rite.. :(

@ happybirdie : yeah you find sum way to pass tym and do tell me that also so that i can follow that too :)..aim to thik hai but results tak to kuch bhi karne ka mann nai karta

swati said...

well..dat shows d bamboozled state of ur mind......a multitude of topics 2 write abt...i suggest u 2 write on sounds interestin.....
i evn liked d missin topic....try it....gud luck..:)