Saturday, June 6, 2009

Best days of my life!!

Listening to Bryan Adams summer of 69 i thought about best days of my life. To be true i can't recollect a particular time that was best part of my life instead there has been a spectrum of short spans which i still remember clearly the days when I enjoyed the most. I am not a gifted raconteur but i do possess a few anecdotes from those days. My college was the best part of my life.

I clearly remember the first day of college, Some ineffable joy and a little bit of tension about getting caught for ragging. But after the first week or so the college was somewhat kind of boring, there used be break in which seniors used to come and will ask the worst singers of infact worst singers of J&K to sing something in a proper way, and if that is ragging then what is listening to them known as which I used to do? They will ask us to do all kinds of asinine things, but i was never asked to do so coz of my connections with the super seniors..:D. I don’t remember much about my first year as the only thing I was concerned about in first year was studies. I always tried to be paragon for fellow students which only caused hatred for me. Voicing my concern against mass bunking a class of physics which was in fact is my favorite subject led to a kind of me being kind of pariah for few days in my class. All this somehow led to stratification of my classmates into friends and just batch mates. I think the moral learned in the very first year of my college helped and I always avoided being too confrontational with my classmates on the issue of mass bunking, I bunked when I wanted to they bunked when they wanted to. I never listened to them and never tried to convince them into not bunking a class.

First year was not long, i don’t remember much of it that’s why it seems to be short. Second year was something for which i was waiting, I somehow liked the fact that I can be with people of my branch. Don’t know whether our educational system causes it or the teachers in the college but there is always a feeling in the minds of E&C and CSE branch students that they are superior to students of other branches. I still remember my first class of 3rd sem and we were introduced to one of the coolest teacher of our college at least for us. He taught us in 3rd and 4th sem well, to be frank i think we never allowed him to teach for than 5 mins and we never gave a sessional of those subjects but submitted our assignments on time. No one was failed in internals by him and don’t know about my classmates but I was fully satisfied by my marks in that subject..:P. There was another who was kind of crazy about the fact that I was roll no. 1..he never used to call me by my name but by my roll no. He always tried to give me more attention than any other student of my class which was extraneous by my standards. I sometimes felt that I can’t do anything other than studying during his class which was real hard for me to study continuously for 1 lecture. If I tried talking there would suddenly be a remark from his side " Roll no 1 agar aap aisa karoge to baaki class ka kya hoga " . If somebody else would be talking he would say " roll no 31 aap bahut baatein karte to par roll no 1 se kam " :O. And then one day I couldn't stand anymore.volcano erupted :D and he asked me to leave his class and I moved out few other students also left the class after me. I know it was my mistake but what can I do if he asks me to stand on the bench m not a kindergarten student, we later exchanged mutual apologies and I learned something that teacher is never wrong, perhaps him giving me attention was his way of showing that he wants me to be the best. He left college at the end of 2nd year and is now working as an A.E. in public office. Sometimes I do get a mail from his side. My image of being studious was a little bit decreased and I loved that fact that some teachers of mine thought of me being notorious.

And if that image was decreased in 2nd year it was shattered to pieces in 3rd. The only thing which I love about 3rd year was that I got placed in TCS which made life easy in college, I though there would be no more bashing from teachers " agar padoge nai to companies aane wali hai place kaise hoge " but I was wrong bashing was there but content changed " place ho gye hai to padna hi chod diya hai ".I would call 3rd year the dark age of my college life. Nothing was right, college shifted and we used to go by matador to new campus, never reached on time...and there was always a lot of hooplah created by teachers on this issue although they were also never on time, but somehow their reaching the campus before us gave them all rights to create a fuss on this issue. Got used to listening this statement from lot of teachers " yeh to padne wala tha ise pta nai kya ho gya yeh bhi late aata hai ". How would I supposed to explain them that m also coming on same matador as others, there is no special service for me :P.Third year was long, may be it is always so when you want something to end it never ends.But there are many things to brag about my third year in college. I was among first students of my batch to get placed. I scored in 40s for the first time :D and not in one or two subjects but in three of them :P, at the same time in other three subjects i got almost highest marks :)..And after scoring close to 90 in HODs subject and being proud of that you know what did i have to listen from her, " paper to simple tha aur bhi score ho sakte the ". I am telling you these teachers are most difficult species on this planet to please. I bunked a sessional for the first time and it was not that it was a mass bunk, only me and my friend were not there while sessional was being conducted, and we never asked our teacher to conduct another one for us Once again only one sessional given and still got highest internals :D. So whatever teachers say to you, in the end they do care for their favorite students ;), and last but not the least proposed a gal during this time. I know i have given a some kind of neutron bomb to you people by telling this :P.

Finally came the 4th year the last year of my college life. I had set many goals for my last year academically and I am happy that few were achieved and i kind of able to revive my image of being a responsible student. I am proud that our project was considered best by faculty although they never knew that we didn’t make it(thanks to my project partners Akshat, Avi and swastik sir). This will be my advice for all engineers never reveal your source how you did it and from where you did it, just say straightaway say we did it by ourselves. Few things i remember from 4th year was my industrial training at chandigarh(thanks to Lovey Jackass), Being city finalist in IMS quiz(thanks to Sukriti and Jaunty), all Project presentations and the final viva where the only thing we did in a great way was to convice our faculty that we did everything in our project ourselves. 4th year was fun, particularly last sem, we attended classes and only thing teachers told us " bas thode dino mein college se bahar jaane wale ho ab to thode mature ban jaao ". Use to spend time in college even after classes, knew these days will never come back in my life. The bonds of friendship made over the academic period were strengthened. Some friends were lost permanently and some friends were permanently a family. I learned nothing in last year except the fact that I am going to miss these days forever.

Many a times I just close my eyes to sit back and remember those days and I can proudly say those were the best days of my life!!!!!.


Rahil said...

Thank u sir for sharing your college life, i always wanted to read such memories. U seem to be very lucky with such a gr8 collg life...

Akshat Vaid said...

Great work...felt nostalgic..esp that roll number one aap aise karoge to baki kya karenge

lovey sahil said...

yeahh nostalgic.. best part was the placement one ... they used to say.. "u wont get placed if u study like this u dumb idiots.." then they said.. " u got placed.. stop being over smart .. u dumb idiots.. "

Jaunty anima said...

gr8 one Roll No. 1!!;)
n it feels gr8 to have our names-Su's and mine in your gr8 blog...ahhh!!
n ur neutral bomb just had the appropriate effect...m wondering.....:o

swati said...

hmmm.....dat indeed is d luveliest phase in everyone's lyf...while reading d post,i felt as if my story is being narrated by smone else till ofcourse d 2nd year...i have gone thru d same phase wid d same comments by d teachers...d only difference being dat teachers announce "ROLL NO.93" rather d "1"....n esp.d teacher's fav.lines...u cud ve done better...teachers r undoubtedly as stated by u "d toughest species on earth"...
i luved d last few lines u wrote"Some friends were lost permanently and some friends were permanently a family"....the prime thing one alwaz misses in lyf r the moments of fun spent wid frnzz..... n who other than me will realise this.. ;)
d post was awesome.....

Sukriti said...

gud wrk done roll no. 1. Finaly u gt tym to write abt ur colge life. Beautifully written. Wht u ve writen is jst a part of ur colge lyf. I m sure dis has lot more dimensions to it. ↲
And ur neutron bomb is showing its effect.↲
Keep posting.

Confused_Soul said...

@ rahil : ab read kar li na ;)

@akshat : me too felt nostalgic whie writing :(

@lovey dovey : nice one u dumb idiot :P

@ Jaunty : no need to wonder don

@ Swati : you are stil in 2nd prof so dont think k ur college ife is over, there is still a lot of college life left :)

@sukriti : thanks for commenting sis, and motivation me for writing more :) :)