Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Hate!!

Note: Written out of frustration

  • I hate it when someone who doesn't know me comments that I am quite arrogant (if people who know me say so then I will accept their view).
  • I hate it when somebody picks up my mobile goes through the songs I have stored and comments on my choice of music or even worse, makes fun of it. It’s my phone and I will keep music of my choice only not of yours smart alec! :x.
  • I am not political and don’t want to be politically correct, I hate it when someone says that I talk behind someone's back, if I am saying something bad about someone behind his back it clearly implies that, that someone has got mouthful from me on his face too.
  • I hate those people who hate me and I don’t believe in forgiving anyone, so if you are bad to me and I know that, don’t u dare to think that I will be good to you.
  • I hate people who form preconceived notions about anyone.
  • I hate liars and those who try to justify a lie by saying that it was for good of someone. A lie is a lie nothing but lie.
  • I hate those who try to butter me up in order to get their own way, I always know what you are trying to do its just that I don’t know how to say NO to you otherwise you will not be getting anything from my side.

P.S: I hate people who comment just for the sake of commenting and don’t mean the praise they shower in comments and also i hate those who read my blog and don't comment at all :P.


Varuna Raina said...

my common hate..
those who read my blog and dnt comment at all!!!!hahahahaaaaaaaa....
you can alwaz choose to be indifferent rather dan hating dem..

Akshat Vaid said...

1. You aren't arrogant any more :)
2. Don't tell me there is somebody who still goes through your play lists and comments absurdly..i thought only i used to do that..
3. Why do you not believe in forgiving...and if you dont forgive, then what do you do instead?
Soch samajh ke hi reply..

Confused_Soul said...

@varuna di: being indifferent is one thing but when these people keep bugging you, you cant do anything but to hate hate hate and only hate them...

Confused_Soul said...

@akshat: I dont believe in forgiving and thats the truth, i always remember each and everything..m pretty gud at keeping grudges over the period of time which may range from days to months..thus creating an illusion that i have forgiven the person....

Abhi said...

I hate when people write hateful blogs :)
Not as good as ur earlier posts,.. could be better. Its ok to hate people assuming that you love all other ppl except these filtered out here.

Confused_Soul said...

@abhi: to be true even the previous posts of mine are not good...and it was a written to let my frustration go on my blog.

Abhi said...

As good n bad r relative terms so they could not be good for u, but they seemed absolutely fine_2_me.

swati said...

omg!!!! hatred hatred hatred!!!
i do agree wid sm av d points stated by u.... they irritate me equally...!! d prejudice n decision makers!! the liars!!! i despise them 2 an xtent dat i can even........:x (wnt b writin wat i can actually do wid thm)
bt i do believe in 4givin... cz i feel thrz no revenge as cmplete as forgiveness!!
n i cmpltely acquiesce wid ur p.s :P

Confused_Soul said...

@swati: you may think that way but i dont...if someone cares for a person then that person shud nt hurt him/her...if someone hurts me that clearly states he/she doesnt care about my emotions and if someone can hurt me once he/she can do it twice thrice and so in order to prevent myself from getting hurt again and again i dont forgive..