Sunday, August 1, 2010

Non-Friends classification

A conversation between Homer and Bart from simpsons.

Homer: so you wanted to send a SMS to all your FB friends?
Bart: no.
Homer: then why are you apologizing in your status message to those whom you were not able to send a friendship day message?

Bart: that’s just a status, I am not going to wish my entire friend list personally so a status update is better, moreover I have added a lot of them coz I cant reject their friend requests.

Everyone can't be your friend and you can't be friends with everyone or as Aristotle said "A Friend to all is a friend to none"[Source: Pinku bhaiya's status update ;)]. So that’s the reason orkut/facebook lets you classify the friends and same goes in life too there is always a classification of friends, well not exactly friends but classification of people other than your friends.

Office friends: or colleagues if you say it precisely, you can’t share anything personal with them and if you share then you have to bring them into your niche of friends because any amount of your personal information with a colleague and not a friend is very dangerous thing to roam around in office. They are the best in the job of pulling your leg.

School friends: whom you haven’t met after leaving the school, sometimes you feel they are trying to be too close to you, bugging you on social networking sites, you can’t leave them but letting them know that you are no more a school going teenager and your priorities have changed is pretty difficult thing to do.

Parasites: I will not even call them friends they are parasites, they don’t leave an opportunity to take advantage of your friendly nature. Friendlier you are, large will be the number of times you have been duped. They will never support you in your bad times, and will always be first to be with you during your best moments.

Chat friends: purely chat friends, means you may get a chance to meet them face to face but once in a blue moon or never. They are the ones with whom you can discuss a lot of topics and you will surely get an honest opinion (9 out of 10 times). They are on top of the pyramid of people other than your friends in terms of emotional support they can provide and can very easily move from this group to your friend group.
#An honest suggestion: don’t let your chat friend take the place of a best friend#

A very happy friendship day to all my friends and to these above classified people too.


swati said...

hmm...cant say much abt dis non friends classification xcept that such frnz can nvr take a bst frnd's place!! infact no 1 can ever take a bst frnd's plc atleast in my lyf!!

Sukriti said...

A vry apt classification of frnds!!!

Happy frndshp day to u too :)

Confused_Soul said...

@ swati: yeah agree wid u..

@sukriti: happy frndshp day to you too.