Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bitter truth of Life

Even if in worldly matters you have shone,
To everyone around, you are known,
How to live your life to fullest,
To thousands you may have shown,
But the bitter truth is, that life comes to an end all alone.

When the judgment day arrives;
The day you will reap what you have sown,
The day you die and turn into a stone,
You won’t find anyone listening to your painful groan,
Because the bitter truth is, that life comes to an end all alone.

Your mind is so feeble; to fallacies it is prone,
One can’t take with him the things he own,
Still you are greedy for them like a dog yearning a bone,
You will regret this after time has flown,
In a moment your unfulfilled dreams will be blown,
And you will realize
The bitter truth, that life comes to an end all alone.


atlasshrugged said...

Nice style.
The nest about poetry is that if it is written beautifully, then it explains so many things in so little space.

Skywalker said...

Thanks...welcome to my blog :)

Dhruv said...

Dude, please change the fluorescent green background. Makes it very hard to read!

Skywalker said...

it isn't florescent green but i think there is some issue with this back ground while accessing with mobile..let me change that..

swati said...

true but i find it a little negative!! u could have presented the idea in a bit different way!!

but nyhow!! gud attempt!!

Skywalker said...

@swati: thanks for aknowledging my good attempt, appreciation from a poet as good as you is always welcomed....:)

i knew that you will surely say that its a bit negative but you know na that i always write when I am in pretty bad mood and it is a way to bring out my frustrations :)
anyways i will try not be negative though but wat can i do, old habits die hard :P