Sunday, August 16, 2009

A day will come for sure.

Well this is an original one penned down by me.

A day will come for sure,
When I will stop being sad,
When I will get what I want,
When I will be impeccable,
When no one will say I am possessive,

A day will come for sure,
When I will stop being bad,
When I will not be subjected to taunts,
When I will achieve what is implausible,
When no one will say I am obsessive,

A day will come for sure,
When I will stop being mad,
When I will have a vast knowledge to flaunt,
When my life will be stable,
When no will say I am irresponsive,

A day will come for sure,
When I will only be glad,
When my foes will not be there to a haunt,
When my life’s story would be a fable,
When I will not be pensive,

A day will come for sure,
When I will have all this,
Only then I will say I had had my life's bliss.


swati said...

nicely thread words......encrusted n brimmed up wid emotions......
surely..d day will cm soon wen all ur wishes ll b fulfilled....
along wid an xcellent writer,u r a gud poet also.....keep writin.....
god bless....

Varuna Raina said...

well nicely penned down..
well bliss...i hope u garner it in abundance..
keep shining:)

Jaunty anima said...

Whoa..gr8 post!!u r a pretty gud poet ...i dint noe...!!I hope u get all u want one day...

Akshat Vaid said...

Sorry, neither do i in any way associate with the above three and nor with what you wrote.. Beautiful poem though...But why wait for a day when all will be absolutely perfect???... "Only then I will say I had had my life's bliss" Whats this???

Why mukul???..Hmmm??....Life doesnt offer you servings in a golden dish..its just not that way....just ask yourself one question..what is that you ask for..and more importantly..will that something make you happy once you get it..will you be left with a satiated heart..hmm??
and why ask for an impeccable self, an achievement of the implausible and more over putting a condition that you will be contended only if and when you get there.. I dearly happens one day...But name a person who is 'impeccable' can there be any.???...and what about the time you take to get there... will that substantial part of life be the one you spent being depressed and unhappy...??? i dont approve of that..

Why on earth are you giving a thought to what someone else will say about you.. you know you are the best the way you are..if you change, although you may make ppl say gud things about you, but you know you will not be mukul anymore..change if 'YOU' feel you should..not if someone else...

I know i have been entirely opposing of your thoughts, but it was my view point..if it doesnt make sense to you..just let it be...and follow your heart

God bless you...

Varuna Raina said...

well i must say i to a great deal agree with what akshat has said...
we need to live this moment..and enjoi it too..
things like perfect and forever exist in utopia may be not in real life..
if we keep looking for that perfect will keep on slipping from our fingers...
so,we gulp some good words of wisdom too...
keep shining all...

Confused_Soul said...

@ swati : Thanks for those comments and god bless u too.

@ varuna di : thankus, and ya will try to garner it.

@ jaunty : thanks for the wish.

@ akshat : well what can i say, i think i have to start another blog where you would be guest author, as all your comments can be treated at par with my blog posts ;)....just kidding...first of all its a poem by someone who is fed of world telling him that he's not perfect he has his shortcomings, although i will not say say that i personally feel perfection is everything, but its a poem akshat not something which i will follow blindly, so dude dont worry i will be as always enjoying every moment of my life whether perfect or not :)..and to end pn a funny note...there are so many poets over there who have written about perfection unhein bhi kuch keh na :P.