Friday, August 14, 2009


"Among your negative tendencies is creating jealousy or suspicion on purpose or being obsessive or possessive."

Well I wrote this post around 4-5 days back but was not able to amass enough guts to post it but after a lot of thinking I think it’s perfectly fine to make it public.

POSSESSIVE - The word we come across many a times in our daily life. Generally we say Young children are so possessive they will not allow others to play with their toys. But is that so? Is it only the young who are possessive and is it that possessiveness is to do with some toys or things only? Well to be true I personally feel that everyone in this world is possessive about one thing or another. What in reality causes this possessiveness? Fear of losing the thing you care for more than anything else is greatest cause of person being possessive. And still being possessive is much better than being obsessive (that’s my personal opinion).

I am possessive about my friends sometimes to the extent that I feel insecure that I may loose them to some one else, although they know this and they do everything to make me comfortable but I think one day I will be alone due to this nature of mine because no one can handle a possessive fellow. I do act like a loser many a times. What generally causes this feeling? Hmmm…I am kind of brusque and straightforward in my talks. I say things to people on their faces and that doesn’t help. I have more foes than friends in this world and when someone whom I consider my friend even talks to any of my foe I feel like I have been ditched by my friend, I don’t know why but I don’t feel comfortable with the fact that my friend is even talking to a person whom I hate. I always follow what my friends say to me blindly but some how couldn’t muster courage to order them anything, there is always something in my mind that what will happen if they refuse, no one other than me will be hurt the most.

I don’t know how to end this post but it’s my request to all my readers I don’t want you people to be diplomatic and if you people don’t like me being like that just tell me directly. And for my friends, I don’t want to hurt any of you with this post of mine , it is what I always try to convey to you my dears that i am possessive and I have been like this always. You people are my only support and without you I will be alone for sure, and my life wouldn’t be that easy as you know there are so many people out there who don’t like me. Love you all.


Sukriti said...

hey bro..that was a very nice blog...very very serious...but i m 100% sure your true friend would love you for you being possessive and will never ever leave you..your friends will always be there for you.
So dont worry about that.
God Bless you and love you.

Finally i am the first one to post the comment for this blog:D

swati said...

u alwaz get possessive 4 few ppl in ur lyf.. d reasn being such ppl r "v.few" n u dnt find them thrzz alwazz an insecurity of losing them 2 sm1 else..the main fear behind it being, noone wants 2 b desolated..every1 needs a prsn on whom he/she can look upon wenever they want,irrespective of TIME,DESTINATION N CIRCUMSTANCES..that prsn can b a parent,frnd or a soulmate...

but till date,i havnt understud whether d other prsn likes d fact dat we r possessive 4 him/hr or does it bcm an obligation 4 him 2 pamper us all d tym!!!

Rahil said...

Two years back someone asked me.. "Rahil, are u possessive for me"

I didnt knew the meaning of this word , so by some or the other way i changed the topic! Later i checked dictionary for it..and the very next day i replied that person "No, i am not possessive for u"

Actually i cudnt understood the deep meaning behind the word, its been two years with that friend and now i think i understand the meaning and confidently say that "I am possessive for that person.."

So in brief possessiveness is a must in this cruel doesnt leaves u lonely !!

All the best sir:P

Jaunty anima said...

Well Hats off to your's infact a very well-written post...

And about being possessive...I still can't figure out u r possessive upto what extent...but generally speaking...being a lil possessive about the other person is always ok...infact I think it shows the other person that yeah u care...u r around...but if it crosses a limit it becomes a headache..becomes difficult to even bear that person...

But as far as I've been able to analyse you...I think I've never seen u going overboard becoming extra possessive with the people who r vry vry close to u...n even if u are,,I haven't seen u making the other person uncomfortable with ur presence...n that's very important..!!

Confused_Soul said...

@ sukriti : yeah finally my sis is first one to do so...god bless you too baccha.

@ swati : thats the million dollar question, whether the other person likes it or not.

@ rahil : thanks for the wishes, but as i told in the post everyone is possessive its that people dont accept

@ jaunty : thanks for appreciating my guts, yeah most of the times i try to hide my feelings and i convey them to my friends in private so that they are not hurt

MANU said...

awesome written... u from which place??? can u tell me about ur email??? my email is